Alex is beautiful

“Morning John, only us today then? I suppose Alex won’t be as nervous dealing with us two. Hope she likes the job mate, it’s not like me to just pick without interviewing.”

“Ben, as long as the girl gets the job done and doesn’t fuck up anything I’m glad you’ve got yourself an assistant, but you’ve told her that includes helping us as well.”

“Well, yeah she’s going to be helping me but considering we are always in the same room working I thought she could help out wherever need. Especially when more of us are here.”

“I will say mate, she’s a good looking girl. Please don’t tell me that’s why you hired her, I know how big brown Bambi eyes turn you on.”

“Keep it professional John”

Working as one of the director’s has not been easy for me. The majority of us are pretty much all related or know one another, so this job came to me without effort. I always thought of myself as this kind of person though I expected I would spend my whole life gritting my teeth in a low paid graduate job and then move onto managerial role. Instead my father who was one of the first owners of this company offered me a position here, without even being interviewed. I had no idea what I was letting myself into, I had just gotten a degree in Criminology and university and was considering going back for another two years.
Business, the corporate world never interested me. I always saw myself as somebody like Alex, the lower league guys as we like to say.
Surprisingly enough, after six months of being in charge of the finances my father and the rest of the director’s agreed to make me one of them. Our team of director’s are what make the company as the CEO likes to live a life without making much decision, meaning my father and his best friend.
They are too busy trying to branch out into America before retirement comes and somebody else takes over, they rarely keep in touch with this branch in Staffordshire as they know I will be the one taking charge. So I guess you could say I do a lot more, though hiring Alex was something I truly needed.

I have been watching all three floors of staff over the past six months very carefully, and a lot of people that work here are brilliant. They would deserve this job and thrive as a PA but most of them are the core thing about what makes Synco work.
Alex is exceptionally good at her job, and like everyone else we review our staff. We look at how they work, productivity, customer satisfaction and how many mistakes they make. We pass this information on to the floor managers and team leaders so they can help me help them improve.
But Alex, stood out. She was too good for her job and when i mean good it just flowed effortlessly.
We monitor emails from staff, I may of really broken the rules myself by taking an interest in Alex. The way she described working here and how It wasn’t challenging enough, how her work load could easily be done within a few hours but she made it drag out until the end of shift to match everyone’s pace.
I looked at her, and the way she interacted with every one around her, she didn’t fit in here. I could see that she was searching for something more, even if it meant a conversation with somebody that had something in common with her interests. It was a rare thing, even I struggle to meet people that share the thins I love but that’s life. Though with Alex, I felt different. I wanted to take her under my wing and build her up.

I looked out of the glass doors and saw Alex making herself a cup of tea in the seating area. Each floor was that big, one end both had a seating area and modern kitchen for all the staff. Both floors had two sides, divided by the glass square hole that looked right down.
She wore her hair down and slightly curled at the bottom, which looked natural. Her dark brown hair flowed perfectly without effort.
I saw that my advice was noted as she wore a black pencil skirt with a white and duck egg blue striped shirt, she looked fantastic. I saw a different person, a beautiful woman who spent too long with her head down.
Her eyes were mesmerizing, they were dark brown but extremely dark. When you looked at her, it was at though they were the one thing that had plenty of stories. Of how she saw the world, you wanted to be inside and feel everything and see it all.
Alex is not someone I ever thought I would look at in that way. My life has been surrounded by overly successful women with not a glimpse of reality inside of them, they always yearned for holidays, expensive decor for their homes. A false picture of what life should be like.
It wasn’t that Alex wasn’t my type, I have never wondered about the women at work because as always my focus is my job.

This beautiful woman has caught my eye and I do not want it to distract me, how often is it though somebody grabs your heart with just one look.


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