Alex’s story

I’m Alex, a 26 year old single female that works in an office. I can assure you, this isn’t blind date.
I decided to let the world into my life of mistrust, self doubt, single-ness (is that a work? Fuck it) and confusion.
If you are looking for a romantic story about how I found my one true prince  and lived happily ever after, you need to head right on over to Amazon and click the ‘Romance top 10’ category and search for something that will make you dream.
In case you didn’t know, I’m a little fucked up. But like anybody else I just want to be loved and be happy.
Join me and allow me to show you my life, my miserable fucking life. WAIT….Before you go, did I mention that I work for the sexiest man alive? And no I have not slept with him. I’m not very convincing that this is going to be fun for you.. Give me a chance and  I might open up and let my romantic, womanly side out.

So you see this list here? Well that’s where you click and each one is basically a link to each part of my story. It would make sense to read them in order, so I’ve made sure the one at the top is the first and so on. If it gets confusing let me know, I will add numbers.

Also I should kind of thank Rebecca, the owner of this blog for totally letting me take over this page. Though I am just a character, so it does seem a little big strange?

Happy fucking reading.


Alex – Part one

Alex – My advice to you…

Alex goes for drinks – Her story continues

Alex – An unexpected opportunity.

Alex, time to think about myself – Story continued.

Alex is beautiful

Alex – Extended chapter