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READ READ READ! Blogger join in – christmas cards LAST CHANCE 


I’ll be closing the post next week, i was going to do until the 24th but i am a tad busy that day so i will leave it until the 25th and THAT day i will be emailing you all that are and have taken part in this a list of postal addresses.



I’ll also be catching up with the few that haven’t emailed me the details.










Fantastic bake along – Apples

So it’s that time where a bunch of you do this bake along and i thought HEY i am going to try this. Feeling really inspired since Mary Berry left Bake off and some bleugh of a new lady joined, i felt the need to take part and do Mary Berry proud – Even though she won’t ever know i did this.
Anyways Tracy @It’s a t-sweets day hosts this every month and it’s actually a really good idea. If you check out the full post ^^^ you’ll see that this month is apples and who inspired it.

-LITERALLY i don’t like apples in food. I won’t lie, but i knew my mum loves apple pie and i thought i would go with something like an apple pie. Its easy enough for me as i don’t to a lot of baking, i cook but not bake LOL.

This recipe was inspired by Mary Berry and you can click here for the link – I might add that mine looks nothing like hers.


Making the pastry was super fun as it was said that it needed to be rubbed until the mixture was like fine bread crumbs. I can’t tell you how therapeutic this was and it felt so nice.
I measured exactly how the recipes states, because i didn’t want to mess it up!!



This next part annoyed me, i had to fold and then fold but it ended up being too thin when i rolled it out – SO i kinda just rolled it and then lined the tin with the pastry rather than doing the foldy thing.



NEVER AGAIN WILL I CUT APPLES!!!!! OH MY GOD. Ok it says peel and core well i didn’t have a core thing did i?!?!!? So i just sliced and then kinda cute around the core and then peeled haha. This was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying because the juice was all sticky.



So then it was all about the sugar, cornstarch and lemon juice. Lemon juice – It says that this stops the apples for browning and gives a great taste. So i did all that, then i had to roll out the second half of my pastry………
NOW i don’t have much room in my kitchen so rolling the pastry wasn’t that easy.  But i did it.

I don’t know how to make those nice edges and fancy patterns, my mum is going to show me but i bought these star cutters today to make xmas cookies but i thought i would just do stars on the pie seeing as it’s like seasonal.




And this is the mess cooked LOL i did about 40 minutes because my oven isn’t the best. I also cut a bit too much off the sides before cooking as you can see, but i am not bothered.



Okay, remember when i said i hated apples in pies. WELL  – I tried this as mum wasn’t here, its delicious. I can’t believe how much nicer apple pie is home made than it is store bought. I think that maybe my problem? I don’t know, i just really enjoyed. I didn’t have much, i didn’t even have a full slice just a little which, i think for me is enough as i did start to hate the texture of apple.

I am actually really proud of myself for sticking with the recipe and it not going wrong. Even though it doesn’t look professional, it tastes really nice.


Thanks to Tracy for letting me join in




Don’t forget to join in on sending each other Christmas card – Click here to join
Need to take part ASAP as 2nd of december will be postage cut off and i need to send everyone emails with eachothers addresses!

IF you have joined in and yet to drop me an email with your address please do so

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Re blog :)


Just a re blog today folks, my wrist is killing me! I’ve been crocheting orders and stuff for the stall pretty much days on days without no break. So i am taken a wee few days off to relax! Please don’t forget to join in on the bloggers Xmas

You have until next week (or so) to get on the list before we have to meet the posts deadline.


For now enjoy




Travel theme: Frozen

via Snowy —

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Staffordshire lobby recipe

First of folks, i am plugging my last post in here before we get on with the lobby recipe.
Let’s send is a blogger interactive thing I’ve decided to do, its where all bloggers on here can take part in sending each other Christmas cards. Don’t worry you really don’t have to be following me, if you come across this post then please take part!
Click for more info.





Staffordshire lobby

So for those that don’t know, i am from the UK and a place called Staffordshire, and my city is Stoke on Trent. We are known for our pottery and, our nickname is the potters. This thick cheap and easy stew like meal is one of our well known traditional meals, especially in the winter time!
It’s super easy to make and really is a left over stash buster (oh god crochet terms slipping through) And really cheap for anyone that is on a budget.
If you make a big enough batch, it should last you a few days!

This is known to be a poor mans meal, as a lot of the workers or people back in the day from the potteries couldn’t afford to buy fresh food and cook all sorts of meals every day. So they would use leftover meat and shit from a Sunday dinner and make up this awesome tasting stew.
I have kept this recipe as traditional as i can, sometimes tweaking what veg i fancy in it as well.
Normally you would have stew beef but i have been cooking it with chicken a lot more as this is my favourite meat.  Now, the past year or so i have been bunging all the stuff in my slow cooker but i can assure you that you don’t need one of those to cook this! Just a big ass pot to load all the goods in, or a pot big enough for your needs.

Keep reading to find out what you need and how to make it!



  • Braising steak, or whatever meat you fancy. Traditionally its braising steak
  • Carrots, 2/3 depending on how big of this your cooking.
  • Swede
  • Large onion
  • Large potatoes – I actually use baby potatoes and cut them in half because i hate peeling potatoes LOLOLOL
  • ***Celery – Oddly enough growing up we never had celery in our lobby, so i don’t know if this is new thing or it’s down to personal preference. Most people round ‘ere i know bung celery in  – Personally i don’t use it.
  • Pearl Barley, your going to need around a handful, i have shit loads because its yummy.
  • Beef stock 2 cubes or you can make your own – Again i used chicken so i was lazy and used 3 chicken stock cubes.


How to cook  – Slow cooker & without slow cooker

Slow cooker version

  1. Chop up all your veg, peel potatoes, throw it in the slow cooker.
  2. Add your meat
  3. Add your pearl barley
  4. Add water and stock cubes, or add your stock which ever method you do stock.
  5. Season black pepper, bit of salt
  6. Stir
  7.  Cook medium for about 6 hours, depending on your slow cookers temp though. On a low setting it will take longer, so its a good meal to do over night or in the morning before you head out to work etc.


No slow cooker

  1. Throw all your veg, meat and pearl barley into the pot
  2. Add water
  3. Cook/simmer for about 30 minutes – I am someone that tends to go over lol!
  4. Add your veg, preferably chopped LOL
  5. Add stock – Any liquid and this includes when in the slow cooker should be enough to cover the food, I like to go about a inch more or two higher than the food.
  6. Keep this on a low/simmer cook for about 2/3 hours.
  7. Check often and stir so it doesn’t stick to the pan
  8. Don’t forget to season

If you have a pressure cooker, then this is also something you can cooker with that!
This is best served with crusty bread and butter for dipping 🙂


Any questions feel free to ask! I hope you like my hometowns traditional winter warming food!
Its lush ❤

(I also filmed my first crochet tutorial today)

I hope everyones had an awesome weekend and please let me know if you try this meal! xox

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CLOSED. Let’s send – Christmas cards: Blogger join in.

Image result for christmas photos


Hey guys, just a quick post today! I’ve just been sitting on the toilet and i had this really cool idea. It maybe already happening or has been done before but i thought about how Christmas cards are really cute and i never get many because i don’t have many friends. I usually get from my mum, boyfriend, his family etc. My mum doesn’t get many either because she is older now and hasn’t got a partner and lives alone, and most of our family we don’t speak too.
Which got me thinking about how many people in the world are alone, or have something horrible going on and at Christmas time nobody should feel sad, or alone.
A Christmas card can cheer you up, because it’s the idea of someone remembering you or shows that they thought about you to send a card. Just that little gesture can make someones day.

So, i am declaring a Let’s send Christmas cards to each other! This is open internationally if you wish to send cards over seas, but make sure you check the postage cost. I think this would be a really nice thing to do as i know some friends of mine on here that I’ve made have had some really tough times lately and cards cheer people up.

Here are the rules and what you have to do:

  • Comment that you would like to take part and i’ll add your name in a list on this blog
  • Email me at with your Address, name and blog name so i can gather a list
  • You have until the 24th of November to comment and take part
  • You may send as many cards as you want to whoever you want.
  • You may make your own
  • You can send a card anonymously if you want it to be a secret!
  • On the 24th, i will send a bulk email to all those that have taken part with the blog names and address, you may choose from the list who you wish to send.
  • I would recommend that if you are posting internationally, you post the cards within the first week of December.
  • If you are sending locally, make sure you check the cut off dates for your postage so you don’t miss the last post – This will apply for international posts too.
  • DON’T DELAY!!!! I have OCD with Christmas post so sooner rather than later as it’s the shittest time of year for mail.



Any questions feel free to ask! Spread the word, and let’s make someones day with a card 😀


Rebecca xoxo


List of people taking part

Tami @tanglewoodknots


Robin @Imperialcrochet


Imperfect Beauty 

Hannah @quietwatercraft



Crochet hats, chit chat and a little moan. (No surprise then)



So I’ve been really busy making things for my December stall, my mum is also making things as she is doing it with me – We both have different styles so it will be pretty awesome to have a partner in crochet crime to join me 😀

I just finished this shiplap Cowl  last night, it only took me a day or so. If i crocheted none stop i probably would of had it done in about 4/5 hours but wouldn’t life be great if we could just sit and crochet without dealing with cleaning or house chores LOL.
I changed it up a little, i do need to add a SC crochet border, hers looks very stiff on the edges mine just flops and folds over so i think its because i wasn’t as consistent with the ridge rows but once its worn it looks like the picture. I wanted them every now and again! I have actually made the matching hat to this  which i did post a picture of over on my Facebook page  – I like that even though i follow a pattern, it doesn’t look the same. I always say that patterns are a mere guide and that your mind and creative hands will do the rest.


I got these hats done, the puff stitch one i keep needing to add a bloody pom pom but i keep forgetting lol! So i’ll do that probably over the weekend. I can make a hat in around 2.5 hours if i just keep at it etc.
I also started another unicorn for an order the other day, i have two weeks to finish it so i don’t feel like i am under pressure and going to work on it during the weekend.
Unicorns are my most popular thing and so i have changed my list of things to make for my stall, i have a few other cute items ill be adding which will be done in the next following weeks.



The weather is certainly not fall, its bloody Arctic up my ends! SO i pulled out my slow cooker which i seem to be doing a lot, and decided to making chicken lobby.
Lobby is a traditional meal from my home town Staffordshire, it’s known as the poor mans meal.
It’s very cheap to make and is so delicious with crust bread. It’s usually done with beef or stewing meat but i really had the taste for chicken.
I’ll be writing up this recipe in the week so you can enjoy a meal i am proud of from my home!

Something really pissed off recently, and i don’t know if this is going to become a more regular thing as time goes on.
I won’t go into detail as i am actually going to do a post about it but i was asked if i could make something by a specific pattern. The pattern costs £5.00 and it had all sizes up to an adult, i assume this person wanted it for a child. Anyways, i gave a price of £25 which i explained the cost of yarn and that i’ll need to buy this pattern.
I personally don’t think this is a bad price…..Its handmade. So my response is, ‘ill think about it’ Which is a no.

What my point is, people want things for free. Especially in this craft industry when they know they can go to a store and buy cheaply manufactured made shit. I get that some people don’t have the money, but surely if you know someone makes something by hand you know it isn’t going to be cheap? I know people in this  world exist that do appreciate handmade things – BUT i feel like when it’s people i know that ask me, they expect it for cheap.
I’m not doing, this is my way of making a living and crocheting items isn’t sometimes a days labour. I know people will look elsewhere for someone else to make it cheaper and that’s fine, they clearly don’t mind being out of pocket.

It really knocked me down a little bit, i feel as though i have gone back three steps and that i am a walk over and will do anything for even the smallest bit of cash. It feels degrading.
I’ve learnt a lot this past year, and i won’t be backing down with my prices. It’s not like i am charging £45. I’ve seen what some people charge, and i aren’t that high.


Anyways. d

I am going to sit down with my list of shit to do later make my book for this months first ever book club on my blog! You can join in by reading up about it here 
I bought Decembers book the other day and it’s going to be a lovely Festive read… That’s all i will say!

I hope everyone is okay an busy crafting, i am also going to make some Christmassy things tonight.
Chow for now! xox

Book review

November – Let’s read! OPEN Book club #1

Related image


Bet you didn’t expect this post did you? How about that for a surprise 😉





I’m obsessed with GIF’s and i aint going to say sorry…. OKAY So i said i wanted to read more on my other post and get a few reads in. I though, i aren’t going to get a book in a week because of how busy i am so why not do once a month and do this book club thing.

This is totally optional guys, i will be reviewing this at the end of the month and then just add another title to read for December! This book is around £4.00 but i did get this on a cheap offer in my local shop. Kindle it, book it or don’t read it, it is really upto you.


The book is now that i’ve found you by Ciara Geraghty. First book of hers i have read, and i do love a good soppy story every now and again. Even more so in winter.


OKAY! So, see you on the 1ST of December for a round up! I hope some of you join in..



My hands are cold,
My hands are tied,
Your subtle whisper,
I heard you lie,
My clothes, my shoes,
Are no more,
As my body hits the floor,
My hands are cold,
My hands are tied,
Here i lay,
As i die.



Rebecca Pursell

Oh this was scheduled because I’m a wizard. 

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Bye October what is up November?!


October you crazy, boring fool you! I’m so glad that its going, but at the same time i aren’t enjoying how fast this year has gone! But it’s over with and thank God Halloween has pissed off. SORRY but i don’t like it, whats the point?

Anyways, so this month was a super productive one for me as i wanted to get my orders up to date so i can use November to fully prep for my December stall. That being said i do have a few more orders to start as well, so it’s going to be a little bit insane for me trying to juggle.
Next year i am making sure things are set in place and that i have rules for customers as i can’t be doing with this come as they please, i was always open to made to order but it can get really over whelming and with my depression and anxiety, i struggled some days to pull myself together.

That being said, i got two blankets finished, a unicorn, elephant, baby hat, toddler hat, booties. I’ve delayed starting my other orders, i kinda told people my order book wasn’t being re open til a certain date and then i got the flu or a bad cold so i had to delay.
BUT i am making a super soft blanket for my friends daughter as i took her really small baby one i made and decided to make her a huge pink fluffy one instead. I also have an order for a much bigger unicorn, like the white one and a ‘maybe’ on the mermaid blanket. It’s going to cost a lot to buy the yarn and £35 is without my time, so if the customer doesn’t want too, then i understand as not everyone has money. I won’t hold a grudge at all, its easier to earn from smaller things or blankets.

I wanted to make a lot more this month but blankets really do take up time don’t they?

So here is a round up of October

Okay, my blogging game as been iffy these past few months and bullet journaling turned into a as and when, so it didn’t help BUT i started to notice a difference in stats this month, and i don’t really give a shit about them. Though since my few beauty posts i made, i noticed a huge difference.

Blog stats:

Blog posts – 12
Views – 437
Visitors – 324 

Most viewed
1. Homepage
2. Soph palette review
3. Jaclyn Hill review
4. Lipstick review

I’m a little sad about this but happy. I decided on the changes and to post the things i love, but i never wanted the beauty side to take over, my crochet and writing does follow on but i feel a little deserted? This is partly my fault, i have lost myself with keeping track of peoples posts and rarely interact as much on here because I find instagram easier.

I am happy that people do like my beauty posts, this makes me feel positive about my Youtube videos – WHICH BY THE WAY I AM GOING TO BLOODY FILM. Honestly, i can’t explain how hard it is to juggle stuff. I am thinking boyfriend works 3 days, i film on two of those days.


November goals & shit 

It’s national novel writing month, you’d think this would be my gig right? My chance to finally do something about this novel idea – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Okay, to anyone that writes. Do you have strict rules? I seem to only have this rule where i will only write when inspired and not force myself a specific word count everyday. I can’t, if it aint lurking in my brain i don’t want to chat shit.

I was going to join in with nanowrimo i wanted to do it last year, and got myself hyped this year now the time has come and i don’t fancy it. I know it’s not the end of the world if you don’t finish it but, meh i think i get scared. I might MIGHT give it a bash.
Writing is really hard if you are serious about it, i love doing short stories but i want to achieve my dream. I aren’t getting any younger and i feel as old as a corpse, i look at how many people have achieved shit and are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay younger than me. Its fucking depressing, so 2018 will be my year.



November to do’s and goals 

I’ve never really properly blogged about this, i don’t think?

  1. Blog more and pay attention to the little blog community i have
  2. Crochet for my life – Stall items, Christmas.
  3. Plan plan plan. Not sure what yet but just plan your shit and get it together
  4. Diet, be serious about getting healthy. Probably not the best time of year to diet but you know what. I need to do it, i feel myself getting fatter and fatter. Its taking a huge toll on my mood as well, i am lacking confidence because i know it’s getting me down.
  5. Write whatever comes to mind. So this means take notebooks where ever i go, i need to write what inspires me, then i can look back at all the shit and maybe it will inspire me again.
  6. Go out with your camera at least once a week. – Apart from filming this is a nifty camera and i want to take pictures of it being Autumn.
  7. Film Youtube videos – YUP, making time guys making time.
  8. Read one book this month and do a review… I have not had the time to read and i feel like shit for it.
  9. Finish your C2C blanket you started 6 months ago LOL WOOPS
  10. Change electric supplier.


Can i get a amen?

No that’s okay, God wouldn’t allow it. I can’t promise i will ever do another post like this at the end of the month, because you know what happens when Rebecca promises you get nothing… LOL.

I hope everyone has had an epic October and that your November is full of happiness and blah.
Here are some GIF’s i find funny.


Me waiting for a cup of tea…


Me creeping on the neighbours cats 

Me when it’s my turn to do the dishes

Me when i’m told not to buy anymore yarn



RIGHT that will do ay? I’ll catch up with the ole posts in the morning cause i am about to hit the hay, got an early start. BLEUGH


Makeup Monday – Makeup Revolution Lipstick review.

OKAY, so i aren’t exactly on form with this new venture into writing beauty posts but that’s okay. I have yet to set up my Youtube because every time i go to do it, something pops up and then all the hours in the day are gone and i am in bed.

So, i have reviewed the Soph palette by MUR before and i have a bunch of lipsticks here by them so i thought i would swatch, take pictures and even sting my lips off by putting them on for you guys to see.

I am not affiliated with Makeup Revolution, all of these lipsticks have been purchases by myself and i have not been asked to make this post. 
All views are my own, and just because i might not say bad things about a brand doesn’t mean i am kissing arse. People are allowed to like things you know! 

Firstly, ignore the messy application on the lips and my gross makeup – I’ve had a rough day, as for the application i had to be quick because light disappears super quick!

Stuff to know – The have lots and lots and lots…………….and lots of shades and they have different collections. Sadly i don’t own every one, and i would like to as i LOVE these lipsticks. They are affordable, and they have so many colours to choose from. Like if you are into your nudes especially, you won’t be disappointed.
The most expensive lipstick retails at £4.00 – I will tell you which collection and price its all from.
You can purchase all of these lipsticks from Tam Beauty 



Iconic Pro – £2.49 some of the ultra mattes £3.00


Left to right: You are beautiful, game of mystery, absolutely flawless, you’re a star, looking ahead 



Top left – You are beautiful
Top right – Game of Mystery
Bottom left – Absolutely flawless
Middle – You’re a star
Bottom right – Looking ahead

Okay, so Abso flawless and you’re a star a very similar on my lips which is kind of hard to see the difference. You’re a star has more of a pink tone though, and it’s not my fav out of the bunch because i rarely go for pinks.
That doesn’t mean the product sucks, for the price, the formula is actually spot on. You are beautiful i did have to warm up a little bit on the back of hand but i think that’s due to it being so damn nude and it did feel a little different in texture than the rest. Ones i use all the time are, You are beautiful and Game of mystery. Why? Because for me they are the perfect nude, and if you have no time to decide what lippie to wear with your look grab any of the first 4. Looking ahead is basically my natural lip colour on a good day, maybe its slightly darker. Game of mystery is the only matte out of the shades i have in this collection.
Over all rating 3.5 / 5 – I think the formula on the more nude shades could be more pigmented. I had to go over a few times to make the colour work.
They last an okay time, i think its hard to avoid lipsticks coming off during your regular routine. However, the mattes are pretty good at staying on.


Rose gold lipsticks £3.00 




Left to right: Wishful, Lust, Inclination and Chauffeur 




Top left – Wishful
Top right – Lust
Bottom left – Inclination
Bottom right – Chauffeur


OMG!!!! THIS FORMULA IS AMAZING. Okay, so i might not like all of the colours – Not because the product sucks but the shades don’t suit me. But the formula is a massive step up from the basic Iconic pro’s. They are so cream and pigmented! Very wearable, and i actually have worn Wishful quite a few times and the staying power on these are very good – All three except Chauffeur are matte but Chauffeur does have a matte version!
Wishful, lust and chauffeur are my favourite. I was surprised i like Lust because pinks for me are bleughhhhhhhhhhhhh they always look quite odd and as if i’m trying to hard but this is very natural and nice. Inclination however does not suit me at all, I LOVE the colour it’s very different but on me it looks like dog shit. I wish i could pull off that shade because the pigment, the feel and how creamy it feels is outstanding! Especially for the price point.
The only problem i find is that, some of the mattes get used quite quickly because they are that creamy if that makes sense. But i have no issue in restocking on the ones i use the most, so PLEASE don’t ever change your formula. THOUGH – THOUGH, some of the mattes feel different. Like some are more stiffer? I aren’t an expert so is it because of the shades, they all need a different formula. It’s not a bad thing, and certainly nothing to put me off buying again. I found the stiffer they are the longer the product last.
The mattes are not drying at all, because of how creamy they are your lips don’t instantly feel like a camels arsehole.
Over all rating: 4 / 5 


Life on the dancefloor  & Ultra Amplification £3.00 




Left to right: Stiletto, Exclusive, Head turner, Potential  & Amplify 



Top left – Stiletto
Top right – Exclusive
Bottom left – Head turner
Middle – Potential
Bottom right – Amplify (Ultra amplification)



LETS get the odd one out first, Amplify which is from the Ultra amplification collection. I only have the one, because it’s the only colour i liked. I tend to go for a lot of basic shades and natural colours but i do like to pick the odd colour and wear it once in a while because wacky and unusual shades is my personality, but i am fussy because they have to look good. – Which if i am honest, if I LIKE IT ON ME then that’s all that matters, so don’t judge me by my bright ass lips.
I like this shade, its a purple but has pink tones in it so its a little lighter than your usual purple. It did need warming up a little before the pigment popped through and it isn’t the most pigmented out the ones i have, but it works. I like the colour of the packaging, it has this grey/silver shift to it so for this i won’t fully rate it as i only have the one out of the collection but i am going to just say its okay.

Life on the dancefloor summary

First off can we take a second to appreciate the amazing packaging? GLITTER! How awesome would you look topping up your lippie and pulling out this hot mama, them bitches be shook.
Quick note, these are new and each colour packaging matches the new eyeshadow palettes which are also called Life on the dancefloor. I think they are only a Christmas exclusive so would stock up on them.

Stiletto, head turner and potential are the rose gold and go with the Guest list palette. Potential and Stiletto are both mattes, the others i have aren’t.
Exclusive is my favourite, with Stiletto coming up at a second. The formula really does vary with these, and i found that even though they are very pigmented and good quality they didn’t scream at me with joy. I mean i think it literally is because i own so many nude/neutral lipsticks and not just by this brand. Because these are glitter wow and the palettes are all glitter wow, i just expected a bit more in regards to the shades. However, the rose gold palette is a very neutral one at that so it makes sense that the matching lipsticks do reflect but i feel as though Exclusive is slightly similar to Chauffeur though up close you can see the difference – This is based on my lips, everyone is different and we all have different lip colours and i think by this point mine were red and sore from all the swatching. 
HOWEVER – The gold lipstick Potential which matches the palette VIP, i really love. It’s this beautiful burnt orange, slightly darker than the Inclination shade in the rose gold collection. Though i aren’t sure if this suits me, it makes me really pale but I LOVE the shade so much, that if it doesn’t suit me i might just wear it around the house. The formula in Potential is quite thick, it is creamy but thick. So i imagine it would last a little bit longer.
They generally feel like the same as the other lippies, but i might branch out and get some more colours and test the formulas on them, i mean after today i am sick of nudes. Overall rating 3.5 / 5
I was a bit sad that the lipsticks i have didn’t say matte on them for the ones that are, no big deal just all the other matte lippies do have that on the little label. This isn’t the reason for the 3.5 rating, it’s not a bad rating i just wasn’t feeling the shades on me and the formula felt very up and down on each one.


Renaissance collection £4.00 




Left to right: Greatest, Cliche, Fortify 




Top left – Greatest
Top right – Cliche
Bottom left – Fortify



STOP STOP STOP, hold the fort. Incoming, most beautiful perfected lipstick ever coming through.

Nope not lying! OK 1. the packaging is so luxe, it feels expensive and its only £4.00 – Even its metal or whatever material it is. All the other collections even the rose gold is plastic.
So for that extra pound you are getting even more quality in the packaging. The difference when sliding up your lippie, you can feel the tightness  – As in its more stuck in, basically well made. Before it gets rude.
The pigmentation!! OH lets talk about that, straight away the colour is pop pop pop pop pop BEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUTIFUL. They are not mattes, but i have worn Fortify a few times and it lasts a long time. The formula is thick and creamy, so the lasting power is strong.
Greatest didn’t scream out to me shade wise, but it just glides on the lips i was like damn damn damn. Cliche is my favourite, i love that colour – That is the purple i have been looking for!! You know i would wear that to work, to the toilet, in the bath its so pretty. I find that with me and my skin tone, some purples look vile and i look like im in drag but i rally do think i can get away with wearing Cliche without people thinking ewwwwww she gross.
Fortify however, is beautiful. I don’t wear reds, this has a pink tones and if you look close (if you can) has a rose gold shift. I have worn this one the most out of the three because its pretty, i don’t swing for reds and as mentioned before serious pinks but this, just something about this shade that i like and i don’t even need to go crazy with the eye make up or serious face contour. Just basic makeup, winged eye and this lipstick.  By this point i was losing light so my photos might look more cool tone and i cant be arsed with the editing so i am gutted that the camera hasn’t picked up Fortify the way i wanted it.
Overall rating 5/5
Hardly surprising seeing how the quality does not feel like £4.00, i like the formula. I get dry and sore lips and this does not in any way make my lips feel bleughhhhhhh after taking it off or through out the day.


Over all – Okay i might of said it before, i love this brand. It’s legit, everyone has a favourite brand right? This is mine.
I have some little meh’s about the lipstick but they really aren’t worth crying over, because the price is so cheap. If was paying £25 for one lippie sure id bitch all year about it, but this brand does such a good job at letting the products out shine the not so good.


Thanks for reading, again sorry for the god awful photo’s – Here is the link to tam beauty’s website again >>>>>>>>>>>> click here