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READ READ READ! Blogger join in – christmas cards LAST CHANCE 


I’ll be closing the post next week, i was going to do until the 24th but i am a tad busy that day so i will leave it until the 25th and THAT day i will be emailing you all that are and have taken part in this a list of postal addresses.



I’ll also be catching up with the few that haven’t emailed me the details.









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CLOSED. Let’s send – Christmas cards: Blogger join in.

Image result for christmas photos


Hey guys, just a quick post today! I’ve just been sitting on the toilet and i had this really cool idea. It maybe already happening or has been done before but i thought about how Christmas cards are really cute and i never get many because i don’t have many friends. I usually get from my mum, boyfriend, his family etc. My mum doesn’t get many either because she is older now and hasn’t got a partner and lives alone, and most of our family we don’t speak too.
Which got me thinking about how many people in the world are alone, or have something horrible going on and at Christmas time nobody should feel sad, or alone.
A Christmas card can cheer you up, because it’s the idea of someone remembering you or shows that they thought about you to send a card. Just that little gesture can make someones day.

So, i am declaring a Let’s send Christmas cards to each other! This is open internationally if you wish to send cards over seas, but make sure you check the postage cost. I think this would be a really nice thing to do as i know some friends of mine on here that I’ve made have had some really tough times lately and cards cheer people up.

Here are the rules and what you have to do:

  • Comment that you would like to take part and i’ll add your name in a list on this blog
  • Email me at with your Address, name and blog name so i can gather a list
  • You have until the 24th of November to comment and take part
  • You may send as many cards as you want to whoever you want.
  • You may make your own
  • You can send a card anonymously if you want it to be a secret!
  • On the 24th, i will send a bulk email to all those that have taken part with the blog names and address, you may choose from the list who you wish to send.
  • I would recommend that if you are posting internationally, you post the cards within the first week of December.
  • If you are sending locally, make sure you check the cut off dates for your postage so you don’t miss the last post – This will apply for international posts too.
  • DON’T DELAY!!!! I have OCD with Christmas post so sooner rather than later as it’s the shittest time of year for mail.



Any questions feel free to ask! Spread the word, and let’s make someones day with a card 😀


Rebecca xoxo


List of people taking part

Tami @tanglewoodknots


Robin @Imperialcrochet


Imperfect Beauty 

Hannah @quietwatercraft



Crochet hats, chit chat and a little moan. (No surprise then)



So I’ve been really busy making things for my December stall, my mum is also making things as she is doing it with me – We both have different styles so it will be pretty awesome to have a partner in crochet crime to join me 😀

I just finished this shiplap Cowl  last night, it only took me a day or so. If i crocheted none stop i probably would of had it done in about 4/5 hours but wouldn’t life be great if we could just sit and crochet without dealing with cleaning or house chores LOL.
I changed it up a little, i do need to add a SC crochet border, hers looks very stiff on the edges mine just flops and folds over so i think its because i wasn’t as consistent with the ridge rows but once its worn it looks like the picture. I wanted them every now and again! I have actually made the matching hat to this  which i did post a picture of over on my Facebook page  – I like that even though i follow a pattern, it doesn’t look the same. I always say that patterns are a mere guide and that your mind and creative hands will do the rest.


I got these hats done, the puff stitch one i keep needing to add a bloody pom pom but i keep forgetting lol! So i’ll do that probably over the weekend. I can make a hat in around 2.5 hours if i just keep at it etc.
I also started another unicorn for an order the other day, i have two weeks to finish it so i don’t feel like i am under pressure and going to work on it during the weekend.
Unicorns are my most popular thing and so i have changed my list of things to make for my stall, i have a few other cute items ill be adding which will be done in the next following weeks.



The weather is certainly not fall, its bloody Arctic up my ends! SO i pulled out my slow cooker which i seem to be doing a lot, and decided to making chicken lobby.
Lobby is a traditional meal from my home town Staffordshire, it’s known as the poor mans meal.
It’s very cheap to make and is so delicious with crust bread. It’s usually done with beef or stewing meat but i really had the taste for chicken.
I’ll be writing up this recipe in the week so you can enjoy a meal i am proud of from my home!

Something really pissed off recently, and i don’t know if this is going to become a more regular thing as time goes on.
I won’t go into detail as i am actually going to do a post about it but i was asked if i could make something by a specific pattern. The pattern costs £5.00 and it had all sizes up to an adult, i assume this person wanted it for a child. Anyways, i gave a price of £25 which i explained the cost of yarn and that i’ll need to buy this pattern.
I personally don’t think this is a bad price…..Its handmade. So my response is, ‘ill think about it’ Which is a no.

What my point is, people want things for free. Especially in this craft industry when they know they can go to a store and buy cheaply manufactured made shit. I get that some people don’t have the money, but surely if you know someone makes something by hand you know it isn’t going to be cheap? I know people in this  world exist that do appreciate handmade things – BUT i feel like when it’s people i know that ask me, they expect it for cheap.
I’m not doing, this is my way of making a living and crocheting items isn’t sometimes a days labour. I know people will look elsewhere for someone else to make it cheaper and that’s fine, they clearly don’t mind being out of pocket.

It really knocked me down a little bit, i feel as though i have gone back three steps and that i am a walk over and will do anything for even the smallest bit of cash. It feels degrading.
I’ve learnt a lot this past year, and i won’t be backing down with my prices. It’s not like i am charging £45. I’ve seen what some people charge, and i aren’t that high.


Anyways. d

I am going to sit down with my list of shit to do later make my book for this months first ever book club on my blog! You can join in by reading up about it here 
I bought Decembers book the other day and it’s going to be a lovely Festive read… That’s all i will say!

I hope everyone is okay an busy crafting, i am also going to make some Christmassy things tonight.
Chow for now! xox

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Bye October what is up November?!


October you crazy, boring fool you! I’m so glad that its going, but at the same time i aren’t enjoying how fast this year has gone! But it’s over with and thank God Halloween has pissed off. SORRY but i don’t like it, whats the point?

Anyways, so this month was a super productive one for me as i wanted to get my orders up to date so i can use November to fully prep for my December stall. That being said i do have a few more orders to start as well, so it’s going to be a little bit insane for me trying to juggle.
Next year i am making sure things are set in place and that i have rules for customers as i can’t be doing with this come as they please, i was always open to made to order but it can get really over whelming and with my depression and anxiety, i struggled some days to pull myself together.

That being said, i got two blankets finished, a unicorn, elephant, baby hat, toddler hat, booties. I’ve delayed starting my other orders, i kinda told people my order book wasn’t being re open til a certain date and then i got the flu or a bad cold so i had to delay.
BUT i am making a super soft blanket for my friends daughter as i took her really small baby one i made and decided to make her a huge pink fluffy one instead. I also have an order for a much bigger unicorn, like the white one and a ‘maybe’ on the mermaid blanket. It’s going to cost a lot to buy the yarn and £35 is without my time, so if the customer doesn’t want too, then i understand as not everyone has money. I won’t hold a grudge at all, its easier to earn from smaller things or blankets.

I wanted to make a lot more this month but blankets really do take up time don’t they?

So here is a round up of October

Okay, my blogging game as been iffy these past few months and bullet journaling turned into a as and when, so it didn’t help BUT i started to notice a difference in stats this month, and i don’t really give a shit about them. Though since my few beauty posts i made, i noticed a huge difference.

Blog stats:

Blog posts – 12
Views – 437
Visitors – 324 

Most viewed
1. Homepage
2. Soph palette review
3. Jaclyn Hill review
4. Lipstick review

I’m a little sad about this but happy. I decided on the changes and to post the things i love, but i never wanted the beauty side to take over, my crochet and writing does follow on but i feel a little deserted? This is partly my fault, i have lost myself with keeping track of peoples posts and rarely interact as much on here because I find instagram easier.

I am happy that people do like my beauty posts, this makes me feel positive about my Youtube videos – WHICH BY THE WAY I AM GOING TO BLOODY FILM. Honestly, i can’t explain how hard it is to juggle stuff. I am thinking boyfriend works 3 days, i film on two of those days.


November goals & shit 

It’s national novel writing month, you’d think this would be my gig right? My chance to finally do something about this novel idea – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Okay, to anyone that writes. Do you have strict rules? I seem to only have this rule where i will only write when inspired and not force myself a specific word count everyday. I can’t, if it aint lurking in my brain i don’t want to chat shit.

I was going to join in with nanowrimo i wanted to do it last year, and got myself hyped this year now the time has come and i don’t fancy it. I know it’s not the end of the world if you don’t finish it but, meh i think i get scared. I might MIGHT give it a bash.
Writing is really hard if you are serious about it, i love doing short stories but i want to achieve my dream. I aren’t getting any younger and i feel as old as a corpse, i look at how many people have achieved shit and are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay younger than me. Its fucking depressing, so 2018 will be my year.



November to do’s and goals 

I’ve never really properly blogged about this, i don’t think?

  1. Blog more and pay attention to the little blog community i have
  2. Crochet for my life – Stall items, Christmas.
  3. Plan plan plan. Not sure what yet but just plan your shit and get it together
  4. Diet, be serious about getting healthy. Probably not the best time of year to diet but you know what. I need to do it, i feel myself getting fatter and fatter. Its taking a huge toll on my mood as well, i am lacking confidence because i know it’s getting me down.
  5. Write whatever comes to mind. So this means take notebooks where ever i go, i need to write what inspires me, then i can look back at all the shit and maybe it will inspire me again.
  6. Go out with your camera at least once a week. – Apart from filming this is a nifty camera and i want to take pictures of it being Autumn.
  7. Film Youtube videos – YUP, making time guys making time.
  8. Read one book this month and do a review… I have not had the time to read and i feel like shit for it.
  9. Finish your C2C blanket you started 6 months ago LOL WOOPS
  10. Change electric supplier.


Can i get a amen?

No that’s okay, God wouldn’t allow it. I can’t promise i will ever do another post like this at the end of the month, because you know what happens when Rebecca promises you get nothing… LOL.

I hope everyone has had an epic October and that your November is full of happiness and blah.
Here are some GIF’s i find funny.


Me waiting for a cup of tea…


Me creeping on the neighbours cats 

Me when it’s my turn to do the dishes

Me when i’m told not to buy anymore yarn



RIGHT that will do ay? I’ll catch up with the ole posts in the morning cause i am about to hit the hay, got an early start. BLEUGH


Aviator crochet hat – Free pattern NOT MY PATTERN.

Sup folks, wasn’t going to blog today as i bet you are probably sick of my posts lol but a while back i made a trapper/aviator hat in new born size and although i enjoyed the pattern i found this one on my journey of finding new patterns.

I kind of get  the idea with heads that when you make the crown you need to just adjust for size of the head and general sizes can be found on Google so i don’t always refer to a pattern with hats but this FREE pattern has upto an adult 🙂 which is helpful because you can just double check the stitch count and placement for the flaps.

I know lots of the blogs i follow are making winter/Christmas things and some of you have stores to control or mini stalls. These hats are really quick to make and i thought i would just forward you this link of the hat.

THIS IS NOT MY PATTERN, i am just sharing the link.



Hope you all enjoy!



V stitch crochet blanket & pattern kinda



Happy Saturday folks, whats this you say? ANOTHER crochet post. YUP I am in such a positive mood as well that. I won’t jinx is by saying anything mean to myself, i have all these awesome ideas and plans for the new year and i just feel good. Like NOW is officially that moment to put them into place – That also counts for my writing, now is the time it really really really…………………… REALLY IS.

So this is another order for a customer, and it was inspired by a blanket on my pin board. COLOURS not actual pattern, i went for the v stitch because its quick, pretty and easy. This person didn’t want the blankets too big and i think a v stitch is a great way to control size as you don’t need to think too much about how many times you need to chain multiples of such and such.


How did i do it?
Well i aren’t claiming the v  stitch as mine, but i will talk you through what i used and how i did it. I know many people use the V stitch differently and sometimes i do, you don’t even have to do trebles! (UK TERM for U.S DC)


So i doubled up and used two strands robin DK. So in total i used 800grams as each colour i used 200g as one ball is 100g. BUT due to the size of the blanket, i only actually fully used the navy. You don’t have to do this, use whatever colours weight etc as this will not effect the v stitch or how it looks.

Here are the colours i did use:
Silver (027)
White (040)
Navy (043)
IVE LOST the label for the green colour i THINK its Seagreen (071)

V stitch blanket how to – UK TERMS

1. So you want to chain in 2’s so as long as you end up on an even number, you will be fine 🙂 Don’t ask how many i chained LOL  – Then add two, so example 44 + 2

2.From the 4th chain from the hook, do two Trebles in that stitch – That is your v stitch.

*Treble: Yarn over hook, insert hook, YO pull through. You should have 4 stitches on your hook. YO, Pull through 2, YO pull through 2.

*V stitch is two TREBLES in the same stitch

3. Skip ONE stitch, then do two Trebles in that stitch – Repeat this until the last stitch and do ONE treble at the end.
Turn your work

4.** Ch2 – TWO trebles in between the previous V stitch created. Repeat til the end and do ONE treble in the top of the chain.

This is your v stitch \/   in between you do TR’s so it would be \TRTR/

**REPEAT steps 4, remember to do one TR at the end of the row in the top of the chain 2.


The reason for skipping 3 chains and going into the 4th at the beginning is because, two of those chains are your turning ch or one treble and that extra is your skipped stitch.
So don’t worry if you think it’s wrong.

This is a chainless v stitch – I am aware that most v stitches skip two stitches or you do TR chain 1 TR – Personally you can do that, its upto. I like this finish as it looks more close together and neater.

THIS IS NOT MY STITCH I NEVER CREATED THIS STITCH. This is just a made up way to make a blanket using that stitch.




And that is all my blanket orders finished, just a few things to make for people now and  i can relax and finally make things for my Christmas stall and play with my new yarn.

What’s everyone been whipping up recently? Have an awesome weekend!

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Crochet bumpy baby blanket



Sup folks! I’m coming right back at ya with one of those treacherous blankets.
Honestly, i think the one thing i loath making for orders is blankets because i have to do them within a time frame – Meaning i have a blanket i started i think around Feb, i did blog about it, i haven’t finished it. Partly because i made it too big and it’s taking ages to decrease, secondly I CAN DO IT WHENEVER I WANT! If this takes me five years i don’t care, but no no no made to order blankets can’t take five years, the baby will basically graduating by then and it will be no use.

So, this order is 1 of 2 items. I have a second blanket to make for this customer and i have had to get my mum jump in and finish it as i had a really bad cold the other week and it’s taken me literally a week to get rid of it and then a few days to recover, i still aren’t 100% im so tired etc but i need to drink more water and get more fruit in me as i’ve been seriously slacking on the water in take. Cups of tea and Diet Coke doesn’t count.

Right back to it………………………. OH YES SO because i was poorly i fell behind and thank God my mum can crochet LOL! These needed to be finished by the end of this month or beginning of November so i really am thankful for the extra pair of hands. This weekend i should be able to get pictures of the other blanket and my mum has left weaving in the bloody ends to me GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. WEAVE AS YOU GO WOMAN WEAVE AS YOU GO!



The blanket pattern can be found here – OKAY so, yup my blanket looks exact and the same colour. Not my choice, i always like to encourage my customers into different colours and styles which is why i set up a pin board on Pinterest with blanket ideas. It’s easy to talk about crocheting and what stuff means but if your a customer and has no clue it’s so much easier so simplify it and say ok, point and choose LOL

This customer wanted this exact pattern and exact colour, which was boring i hate HATE plain colours. But because of the pattern and it’s all bumpy i actually enjoyed this a lot more than i thought.

I used a 6.5MM crochet hook and 6 balls of Grey Robin Chunky, i don’t usually use this yarn and not quite sure why i chose it, ive worked with this brand briefly in the past and i don’t find it as soft as some Acrylic but once worked it does soften and i will be washing, blocking and throwing it in the dryer.
This is something i always do when making things for customers, but also it softens the fibers. If you have teddies or toys etc get some fabric conditioner add some to a spray bottle, i like to add water to make it go further and spray. This is great as sometimes when i make things, once washed i store them in plastic clear bags and then a box and if they are sitting around bored they will need some deodorant after a while



The pattern is strange isn’t is, it’s almost a puffy bobble stitch. It’s quite an effective and easier way to create that textured look and i think this looks just find in a plain colour. I think if variegated yarn was to be used it might take away the effect of this pattern but i might have a play in the near future.

To finish this off, as the pattern requested go round twice for the border doing SC oh that’s U.S for DC – I really should get used to working in UK terms but bleugh.

I haven’t shown the person yet as i want to show her with the second blanket, an then ill take some proper photos of this tomorrow for my Instagram and FB portfolio so if you see this blanket it again, its just me being spammy with photos.

So that’s it for now, i can’t say i want to make anymore bloody blankets anytime soon but i have a few requests for after Christmas GRRRRRR (just kidding, kinda)

What else is on my hook? Ok so i have my scarf i started to make with this gorgeous yarn by Hayfield i did post a piccie on insta – I have a Custom doll for December, Mermaid tail (Which i need to double check with the customer) AND LOTS OF CHRISTMAS GOODIES!!!! YES you know it’s that time right to get cracking!!! I have a stall in December, and i want to make lots of cute things plus stuff in general BECAUSE as of next year, i will be focusing my business on pre-made items. More on this in the future, i will still be doing custom etc but anyways.

I think i can squeeze in a few order slots or am i over whelming myself lol!


Hope everyone is okay, whats everyone got going on? (P.S still catching up on blogs)


P.S.S If you missed me mentioning the link, here is the pattern for the blanket >>>>>> CLICK




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Crochet catch up and stuff

DSCN0407Image source: Mine lol


So, i was going to start this week off with another Make up Monday post, but then i got distracted by the fact that today, the 12th is my birthday and i am now 27. Which depressed me, plus i had shit to do okay?

God almighty, why is it when your doing blankets they take forever? Seriously, don’t feel like they are growing especially this one that i posted a picture of. The pattern i am following is here in case you are wondering. I’m pretty sure people interact with me on instagram and then i forget lol!
So, i think i mentioned i have two more mini unicorns to make which is for the two blankets order. Which all need to be done by the end of October, so pray for me guys because you know me and my mind gets distracted. I’ve had a new game for my birthday, and i’ve got shit loads of ideas in my head for writing AND makeup releases.

Already have two more orders to do right after these little buggers are done 😦 When will it end? One being a custom doll, and a bloody mermaid tail. YEP they are creeping back…. Also need to get in the festive mood, bah humbug. I found this awesome pattern for gonk’s and an add on pattern for outfits and because my stall in December is going to be at the fire station i am going to make some mini fire men.
Also need to make poppies, but don’t think i’ll have time. I might make a poppy wreath and do a little auction or something on Ebay so you guys and anyone else can get involved and get the money raised sent to the British legion.
My lead for my camera has arrived so i can link it up to my laptop and use it as a live view screen whilst filming, so tomorrow i am going to film my first beauty video and then go straight into filming a little crochet tutorial 😀
and because my Youtube channel is going to be Lifestyle, i need your help in what type of videos i could do other than crochet/craft and beauty. ????????????


I had this awesome story idea, and i am going to write it up over the weekend. I’ve stored it in my brain so i  hope its all in tact as i hateeeeeeeeeee jotting stuff down.
It might be longer than usual, but i am really kind of excited about this.

My mum bought me a new bullet journal and some water colour brush pens for my birthday. I am going to do a post about my gifts not because i want to brag but it will give me an excuse to post about this scarf i’ve kind of started for myself.. You see, swaying off track with my orders.
Oh yeah, bullet journal. So i aren’t going to use the new one until January, which means i can take the full on piss with the one i currently have. As it has LOTS of pages left and was thinking of carrying it over for next year, but i think i will crack on with it and i haven’t used it this month, i think i will start it this weekend for October. I have been using it more for lists and getting organised with stuff i have.

Example, i have over 700 DVDs, which isn’t alot i know but i want to write down every single one i have, and if i have collections that aren’t completed i need to note down what i need etc.

I did a point to this post, i’ve gotten lost. HELP HELP HELP!!! OH yeah i am writing another post for tomorrow as i am reviewing an eyeshadow palette.

Tomorrow, in the morning because i love the morning time in Autumn and winter, i am heading down the road to my park and take some pictures. Hopefully nobody will think i am a freak, pervert or will try and steal my camera.

Just looked at the picture above and I’ve already thought of another story, fml.

OKAY so i learned a fact today, Kim Kardashian is a Libran like me. I think i know why i kind of like her? But bitch my birthday is before yours ner ner ner ner. But then you have the one up because your are older and look younger than me. Now i am more depressed.
No seriously, today has been actually depressing for a birthday i got about 4 cards, a phone call from my dad who i’ve never had a relationship with and i had a good old cry earlier when i went to sit on the crapper.
27 and i feel like i’ve achieved nothing. Still in debt, no money, blah blah! I need to change things and i need to do the things i said i would do years ago.
-Write my novel.




Before we wrap this up, here is some things about my star sign. OH and i’ve been keeping an eye on the lunar calender is it? Ever since i took a picture of the moon and got really close, i got these feelings back from when i was a kid in science class. I’ve always loved the universe, and i think i am going to relive some of my old interests again. Go back to my roots and be happy with the things i used to love. We easily forget about stuff we were once passionate about or cared for because life gets in the way.
So being a science geek once again, and listening to Tupac everyday. I know what a mixture?

Ruling planet : Venus

Element : Air

Quality : Cardinal (= activity)

Symbol : The Scales

The Symbol denotes : Harmony, Justice and a Balanced Nature

Characteristics : Airy, Cardinal, Masculine, Positive, Humane

Noteworthy qualities : Thoughtful, unbiased, graceful, modest, adaptable, persuasive, affectionate, cheerful, sympathetic, generous, tactful, balanced.

Undesirable personality traits : Indecisive, extremist, reckless, hasty, susceptible, aloof, tend to get carried away by others’ opinions. You might also be interested to explore about Libra Moon Sign.

Birthstone : Diamond, White Sapphire and White Topaz (The gemstone is suggested considering Aries as the Ascendant/Lagna Sign. To know your Ascendant/Lagna Sign, click here.)

Birth Colours : All shades of pink, White,

Other lucky colours : Shades of Blue, Pale and Light Green

Lucky Numbers : 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60

Compatible Signs : Gemini, Aquarius

Lucky Day : Friday

Deepest need : Love, Romance, Social Harmony.

Quality most needed for balance : A Sense of Self, Self-Reliance, Independence

Detriment : Mars

Exaltation : Saturn

Fall : The Sun

Associated Flowers and Plants : Hydrangeas, Large Roses, Lilies, Violets, All Blue Flowers

Best Sign/s for marriage and/or partnerships : Aries

Anatomically Libra corresponds to : The lumber region in general and the kidneys in particular; loins, ovaries and the substance of the kidneys; lumber vertebrae, just below the ribs; lower back muscles at the top of the pelvic bone; arteries going to the kidney and lower back; veins coming from the kidneys and lower back.

To read more about my amazing starsign click here and don’t forget to check out yours! I love this shit, again going to enjoying things i used to.

So thanks for reading and if you made it this far, well i haven’t got a prize to give you but feel free to check out my instagram and other links and maybe i have some prizes… Yes that’s a ploy, again i have no prizes.


Serious question before i go. Does anyone know anything about guardian angels or experiences? It’s on behalf of my mum, i think she had an experience over a week ago and i’m just curious to learn more. 




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Crochet conker – RE-BLOG


I saw this post as i am trying to catch up with blogs, and this just filled me up with happy memories as a child.

My grandad would take me on a weekend, usually a Sunday and we would go and find conkers 🙂 I remember use wrapped up warm and rummaging the floor and through leaves for them.
It makes me laugh because i’d have lots and my mum would make comments about washing them because a dog might of peed on them.
Then i would get a hole put in and string attached and play the  conker game.

As i got a bit older, i remember with my street friends (childhood friends, usually my bestie) we would sneak in over the gates of our primary school and play on the playground and then head for the horse chestnut tree and fill our pockets of conkers. We would even find ones not open.

So i hereby declare that i will make it my mission this month, as well as taking my new camera on a journey to collect conkers. I might even make something and put it on my grandads grave in memory.

Happy saturday folks.




I do love Autumn… just when I think I’m going to dread the dark evenings and cold weather, nature gives its autumnal burst of gorgeous colours and each year I find myself falling in love with Autumn all over again! My creativity gets a boost from all that renewed inspiration too. From mushrooms which I […]

via Crochet Conkers! — Coastal Crochet

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Crochet/Craft catch up & my first moon picture



Howdy people I’ve been reading some of your blogs and it’s nice to see everyone busy with projects. I’ve just finished my last teddy orders, now i am working on the two Blanket orders which need to be done by November BUT this person has also extended there order after seeing me make another mini unicorn and wants two of these as well LOL!
So, i’ve kept my order book closed until the 20th of October, which was something i was going to do so i can get some prep time in for Christmas, which is only fair right?

I also have another order which i have accepeted, but does ‘t need to be done until December but its the same as this mini unicorn but made bigger and personalised.


Horrible weekend.

So i was woken at 6:00AM Sunday by a lady with her two children outside our block screaming help help fire. Sadly, the three story block right next to mine was on fire. Her home set a light by the use of a storage heater, because she lived on the ground floor she managed to get out.
I saw the fire, and this horrible sight of seeing someone pulled out. A guy jumped out of his window and one had to be rescued from this ledge.
The family that i am guessing lived above the lady, has sadly passed away today and i feel completely helpless, her two children are still in hospital critical. I don’t believe in God but i do hope that the baby and kid survive.
I haven’t had much sleep, it’s been playing on my mind alot and i can’t get the images out of my head. I have to wake up and see it out of my window as it was in plain view. I wish i could of helped.

My heart also goes out to those all killed in Las Vegas, i have no words to as why someone would want to such a fucking thing.
This world is bloody horrible at the best of times with all sorts going on with Spain and these god damn storms just ruining peoples lives.

So lets just take a few moments to look at how lucky we were. We might not have much money, or not live in the best of homes. But we have a roof over our head, food to eat and fresh water to drink. And some of us are lucky to have friends and family around us as well. 
We are privileged in so many ways, and yet we do take things for granted whether you want to admit that or not.

Back to it

So apart from that, an i aren’t saying sorry for that sad moment. I’ve been a bit grumpy lately. Like i’ve felt extra stressed and cant figure out why – I have even acted shitty with my mum and i shouldn’t because she’s not very well and everytime i am nasty i want to cry because i really don’t mean it. I think its a build up of something idk.

But i have my camera now, just waiting on my back drop stand cause it took me a while to pick one and some lighting so i can film when its darker.
Can’t wait to make videos, it’s easier to explain LOL – I’ve also made a massive list of things to make in the up an coming weeks and what i want to crochet.

Its long………………………………………….Also buying these crochet magazines, anyone else find some of them shit? It’s a hit and miss most months and i end up getting pissed off i just wasted 6.99 on a magazine that has average crap in it. IDK I hate they are in plastic so you can’t even sneaky peak in them.

OH so, this is the picture i took with my camera of the moon 🙂 I still need some practise with the tripod etc but i kind of wanted to hurry as i felt like people in surrounding flats would see this person with her window open and a camera and assume i was a peeping  tom. It’s not bad, i wanted to get closer but it was a cloudy night so i am hoping the weekend will be better as i want to get in on some of those stars!



 Hannah @ quietwatercraft has been a doll and made me a custom birthday card for my mums birthday! I love it and she has such a cute eye for detail. We also noted that its such a small world, she used to live locally – how crazy is that?? So i check out her blog and her Etsy shop.



So that’s it i haven’t a lot to say as i am typing this, and scheduling it my hands are frozen as the window is open and i cba get up and close it.

I hope you are all well, and what have your crafty hands been upto????????????????????????

Here is a picture of my cat for comfort. I don’t know why hes cross eyed here???????????????