Monday mayhem

So I’ve been way off with my blogging and everything else. I guess I’ve been busy but at the same time I started to feel a little low again and I needed to try and just snap out of it. 

I’m feeling okay today, i finished my unicorn order and have a small order to finish and post it by Thursday. I am however trying to tackle my “I don’t want to leave the house” attitude and I need to get functional. 

I joined a chat room for people with depression but I got banned because the owner is Christian and a hugely against the LGBT community. Anyways, I have decided to start bullet journaling. What is is this madness you say? 

Okay well I am going to do a whole post on this probably next week but this is for sure something to get you more organised and more productive. Check out YouTube and type in bullet journal for videos but I actually recommend Amanda as she is so cool and I love her style. I will give you guys some beginner shit when I’m all set up as I think because I’m a beginner it would be cool to do with this with newbies as well. Also next week I’ll link all my items I got and where I purchased etc as today I’m off to get more stationary. 

I also had to take my cat for his jabs last week and I bought him a water fountain as the heat here has been vile. It’s cooler today but I keep getting bursts of being warm! 

I also have to try and fit in the doctors as I have this weird rash on my legs OK so it sounds gross but I think it’s dry skin idk. I also am still planning my store content and I guess my mood has slowed me down BUT I have an interview this week for a part time job at TGIF in the kitchen. I want it so I can not only get some extra bucks for my crocheting and store up Keep but it gets me out of the house. 

Day 1 of serious dieting, I had two boiled eggs for breakfast (brunch!) I will probably eat a sandwich whilst I’m out so I will have some fruit and green tea when I get home. 

I am also interested in calligraphy, so I am going to get some cheap pens and sketch pad and practise. I also want to learn how to doodle haha. I want to do things that relax me I know crocheting does but lately it’s all been for the sake of the store. 

I had the best weekend not doing anything. Saturday I played ps4 all afternoon until midnight and Sunday I relaxed and watched youtube videos all day and just switched off from everything. 

So I’ll be blogging again in the week I just have so much to do I can’t keep up and I never really saw blogging as priority when it comes to actual life. 

I hope you are all well and I will sit down at some point tomorrow and catch up with your blogs. 

Crocheting & things

What up world, so Tuesday it is. I feel like evert week is getting shorter and shorter! 

Not much is happening on my side I am concentrating on life for a while & obviously crocheting. I’ve closed my website for a few weeks because I am making lots of things And some of the boring technical changes that wouldnt kind of work if it was all live. 

Anyways I made those cute booties the other day and Iearnt from Croby Patterns 

I also have some other patterns of hers that I am going to use which I bought from her store. She also has a video on how to make your own soles. 

I like the way she makes her soles so I am going to note them all down and consider designing my own booties. 

I was also going to do a blog with another award I was nominated for but I feel like these are getting too much for me and I notice that people feel left out (just from what I’ve see whilst browsing) when they haven’t been nominated – which kind of brings me to the same people get listed over and over. 

Please don’t take offense to anything as I did take part myself and was going to do another thanks to Robin but I think the fun has passed for me. 

So to anyone that hasn’t seen your name on a list don’t fret everyone’s blog is worthy regardless… 

(I probably won’t be around much blogging wise til this award phases has calmed down. Again if you get offended by my complaining simply don’t read what I say. I won’t beat around the bush and sugar coat shit as I didn’t make my blog for that reason and won’t run around sprinkling happy fairy dust.) 

I guess my depression has decided to come back for a bit hence the shitty mood. I’m also still feeling run down. 

Happy crafting follow me on instagram @twinklehook_ 

Wednesday WIP& stuff

Bonjour crafters! It’s Wednesday once again and this week is flying damn.. I got so much to do as well it makes me feel sick and want take a million naps.

So i started a ripple blanket last night using stylecraft yarn. I got these colours a few weeks back when i just wanted to shop for yarn and add some different shades to my busting stash.
Incase you missed it on insta, the shades are (from left to right) White, duck egg, storm blue, petrol – I think i got that right.
I have this love hate relationship with a ripple as i started once waaaaaaaaay back and never finished it. I love LOVE LOVE how they look when done and i really like starting them but it’s something about them i don’t like when it comes to finishing the damn thing but this one needs to be finished.
I am so tired lately and so i put the hook down today and decided that i would just kind of chill & catch up on some gaining as I haven’t been able to log into my PS4 for ages.

I also made a few private pin boards on my pinterest for some more store ideas, i am still toying with the keychains and mini makes but struggling to find inspiration. – I’ve actually lost my inspa, i had it all planned out and I am feeling pretty meh this week. I think i just do need a rest, me time no crocheting (Even though my hands are itching) i am even going to catch up on my reading!
A delivery came today for my bookcase and a few other things like a new ironing board and iron plus a new laundry basket. So tomorrow i am going to be busy sorting the living room out and playing catch up with ironing but i might just do that at the weekend.


So this week i have been following Mrs Craft’s free pattern for baskets (Check out that link for the pattern) & I decided to use this bright ass t shirt yarn i got a while back! I bloody hate it, the  hook everything. So i have ordered a better hook (12mm) and it didn’t come today which was annoying as i wanted to finish it so, hopefully by Friday my stuff will arrive and i can finish it over the weekend BECAUSE – I am going to make more.
You see all that fabric in the picture? Yup, totally bought that. I lay it on the airer just to show you guys how much of it i have. I mean i have a lot of it, at least 5 meters.
Funny because when i went to my fabric shop i saw it and i was like hmmm i don’t know how much i need so the lady literally just weighed the lot to see what the total was and go from there. Well it was only £9.66 for the whole – I mean f*** sake how amazing is that?! One ball of t shirt yarn costs like £8.99 – I can make a million uses out of all of that fabric, not just baskets but i could even make a t shirt and add some crochet on the edges etc.
SO yes i am making my own t shirt yarn  – I picked well t shirt fabric for this and i do have a tutorial saved somewhere on how to cut it continuously rather than strips and then have to join. Isn’t it quite surprising how much money you can save? You don’t have to go out and buy fabric you can easily go to some charity/thrift shops and buy old t shirts or fabric, maybe you have some lying around at home? I wanted a specific look and pattern hence why buying the fabric but it honestly hasn’t cost much. So what i think i shall do is, measure how much of it i use for the yarn make note and then in the future i can go back and get the specific ammount.

I am going to do a full post on this at some point on how to make t shirt yarn and i will do a video to show you how to cut, so i think i will do all that this weekend and then post next week.

CAN’T WAIT TO TRY THAT PATTERN OUT WITH MY FABRIC. I want to do all of them and the ribbed one aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Righteo, I’ve done babbling on i don’t think i have anything else to say, so hope you have a good week if i don’t post til weekend & happy WIP Wednesday, drop a comment with y your current projects.

Peace out xox

Liebster award – Strange name?


I literally read Liebster as Lobster and for the purpose of this blog i will call it lobster because it kind of makes much more sense to me, i really don’t know why lobster’s make sense as i have never met one. 

Thank you to Quiet Water Craft for giving me a nom on this. Actually didn’t really take much part in the last award but this one is fun because i kind of like answering questions.

Here’s how it works:

1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award.
2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.
3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 11 blogs.
5. Notify those blogs of the nomination.
6. Give them 11 questions to answer

First up – the questions given to me – I gotta remember to do all the above, geez….

1.What are your hobbies?
Well, crocheting obviously – Gaming, writing when i feel like it. Saving the world from eating yellow and orange sweets because let’s be honest they are the nastiest flavour in the packet.

2. Whats your favourite colour?
Hmmm blue, green – Always blue though its my babe.

3. When you were 10, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be the next Vampire Slater, i will always want to be the next vampire slayer. Buffy got me obsessed back then! I subscribed the magazine, never missed and ep and ALL my walls in my bedroom an i am not lying, was covered in posters and cut outs from magazines etc. You couldn’t even see the wall paper. Would love to have those magazines again as a collector/geek in me.

4. Lunch and dinner, or dinner and tea?
For me it’s lunch and tea, and by the way where i am from a cuppa means a cup of tea not like hot drink or coffee… OR a brew means a cup of tea also.

5. Do you speak/sign any languages other than English?
Ich verwende eine Suchmaschine, um mich so auszusehen, wie ich eine andere Sprache sprechen kann    – Translate that 😀 😉

6. Do you have a favourite number?
Yup, 13. It’s supposed to be lucky for me and quite canny as i like those Friday the 13th films LOL Weird how a murderer makes you like a number.

7. What’s your favourite smell, and why?
Well when my allergies aren’t blocking my sense of smell, i like to sniff the odd candle – It has to be the smell of roses.

8. Are you a book sniffer? (I know I’m not the only one!)
I don’t sniff books but i do rub the pages to feel the paper ’cause sometimes the paper makes my hands dry IDK habit… This kind of reminds me of the documentary of the lady who ate her walls and a woman who ate books and she would sniff them to see what books she wanted to eat because it had to smell a certain way.

9. Do you blog to a schedule or just whenever the muse takes you?
I tried a schedule once, didn’t work. I try and blog 3 times a week, but the days are at random. It all depends what i feel like!

10. Would you rather be rich or famous?
I’d become famous for being so rich…. *drops the mic*

11. What’s your favourite type of weather?
Rain, wind and storms. I love rainy days especially when it’s heavy and windy. It gives me this feeling where i want to just snuggle in some comfy clothes and curl up with a blanket watching tv or doing my crochet but STORMS are amazing to me, it’s kind of beautiful the weather.

11 facts about me now HAHAHAHA christ…

  1. I won a colouring competition at Mcdonalds when i was a kid and won a Simba teddy.
  2. I also won the crazy golf at the kids club as a kid when we went to spain and other stuff. This makes me sad because i never win anything now i am an adult
  3. I am scared of clowns, specifically Penny Wise
  4. My star sign is Libra – The best, which i would actually like to learn more about
  5. In my ancestory i am linked to a French poet, i also have German, Scottish & Anglo ties.
  6. I have 47 toes
  7. My name is really…..Batman
  8. I did the slut drop drunk continuously with a friend, going down the escalator to catch my tube (London new years)
  9. I didn’t graduate highschool
  10. I’ve never been to a prom
  11. I once rode a dragon


So i literally need to nominate blogs which means i have to click link and remember everyone’s bloody blogs SO i will literally just name you rather than do the link because i cba. IF YOU’VE ALREADY DONE IT THEN OKAY FINE. I don’t even know if some of these follow back and will ever see LOLOL

Tami – Tanglewood
Mrs craft
Robin -Emperial crochet
Emma – Emma crafts design
Yolanda @yochet
jessica crafts
the wee house of crochet

I think i only have 10 so ANYONE that reads this, i nominate you!!!!

So your 11 questions

1.What about sunrise?
2.What about rain?
3.What about all the things that you said We were to gain?
4. What about killing fields Is there a time?
5.What about all the things That you said were yours and mine?
6. Did you ever stop to notice All the blood we’ve shed before?
7. Did you ever stop to notice This crying Earth, these weeping shores
(aah ooh)
8.What have we done to the world? (look what we’ve done)
9.What about all the peace That you pledge your only son?
10. What about flowering fields Is there a time?
11. What about all the dreams That you said was yours and mine


Aurora the unicorn

If your sick of seeing this unicorn don’t read lol! I posted it on instagram first as I shamelessy wanted to promote it. 

So I won’t bore you all with a long post about it. I got this pattern from Etsy – BubblesAndBongo

Check out their instagram @littleaquagirl 

The pattern was fun, cute and pretty easy. I started it last night and finished it off this afternoon. 

I did miss a cute part off which was a star headband. I didn’t have the right kind of yarn or anything nice to compliment it. I still think it looks cute regardless. 

I used a 2.5mm hook and normal dk. I used white and some variegated I had knocking around. 

That just about sums it up! I’ve had a meh day drama and changed my mobile number… TOMORROW I have tickets to go see Wonder Woman, super excited for this film. She’s my superhero inspiration! 

Hope everyone has a fab weekend xox 

WIP Wednesday – Chenille baby blanket completed



WIPedy do da Wipedy day – Well it’s kind of hard to think that i will be saying goodbye to May. This year is seriously flying by and i don’t like it one bit.

May is always a bleugh month, a bit like a mid week day but not mid in the year. It just leaves me with that bland feeling.
I think mostly because June & July are crazy months, summer time and all that crap. May is a time to really take charge of your year and any changes because if you slacked at the beginning you can use this shitty month to re-evaluate. Which is what i have done!

Anyway, more on that another day – I’ve finished my snuggly chenille baby blanket in mint green, lemon (yellow) & white. I am so in love with this and CANNOT wait to get it up on my store!!
Kind of going to do that within the hour, just need to edit the pictures and tidy them up abit.


I used chenille baby yarn, which wasn’t actually too thick. It kind of required a 6.5mm crochet hook but i used 5mm. For some reason i kind of thought that was the right size, it didn’t really make a difference but ideally when using this kind of yarn it’s best to use to size hook asked for or if possibly a little bigger.
It’s quite sensitive and can break very easily, which can be very annoying. I have worked with this type of yarn before so i was able to not do that with a smaller hook and my tension was not too tight, i count myself lucky.

For this i did the V-Stitch which is work in multiples, Dc ch1 Dc in the same stitch (U.S terms)  I actually didn’t ch1 and worked two DC’s to give this a better look.
I’ve always done this, but it seems to be a known thing by a popular crocheter so i aren’t claiming anything as my idea i just want to put it out that I’ve known this tip for a long time.



After finishing i measure and it’s around 28×32 which is a nice size for a baby blanket. It’s not too heavy which i found with Bernat baby/Bernat blanket. I think because Bernat is ALOT thicker but it also has a different texture. This yarn is more softer and feels like velvet.

So that’s it, i have some other things to crack on with this week and i am feeling very positive.
I’ve also taken another healthy turn and started to combine fruits in my water. I think they are called water cleanses? Today (all day) I drank lemon, lime & cucumber.

Happy WIP wedneaday!!! #Crochetforyourlife

Lalylala doll – Kangaroo Kira


Happy Saturday folks! I have finally finished Kira 😀 You know something? It’s actually quite a lengthy project. I mean i did start this a few weeks ago and didn’t really pick up the pace until 3 days or so ago BUT even on those odd days, the  hours seemed to of passed.
I wanted it finished by yesterday but come 6:00PM i still had the sewing of the parts, the baby ARGH
So I woke up early, did my usual stuff and then at around 11:00am i cracked on. I literally finished her at around 4:00pm but didn’t upload her on my social media accounts until about an hour ago.
I did however add her to the website and she has a new home 😀 😀 😀 – If i am honest the customer isn’t a stranger, they had their eye on her for a while!


I am pretty happy how it turned out, i will make some changes to the yarn i used in the future.

For a one off time only, i have put Kira on my store in the custom section because this one itself has sold out i thought about offering one slot and a chance to customise and buy her.
You can check that out here >>>> Buy custom Kira


What i used:

So i used a 2mm hook. The pattern calls for a 2/2.5 – I have no idea what that is in U.S or other countries.
It requires the stitches to be tight so hence sticking with the 2mm. It also says to use 4ply yarn and i only had white 4 ply knocking around, the grey and brown is DK yarn. Just some random balls i had in my stash.
Now i rarely touched the white and pretty much have a full ball left, i did used almost a full ball of grey so if you are prone to mistakes maybe just stock up on an extra ball.
I have always used DK when making crochet teddies or toys! I rarely use 4ply and probably have 3/4 colours in total of it. SO just saying you don’t need to go by exactly what it says as the sizing and the tightness of my crocheting came out well and i didn’t have any loose stitches or huge gaps.

You will probably need some stitch markers as it works in rounds and some pins for when sewing the parts on. THIS is a must have as you really do want it all to sit perfectly and look straight when all sewn together!
I used 6MM safety eyes for the mother and 5mm for the baby, i think the pattern uses smaller for the baby i can’t remember but the 5mm were the only ones i could get my hands on!

This is a paid pattern and i have said in the past i rarely buy patterns but Lalylala is the only one i would quite happily give my money to. So expect a lot more dolls from me in the future.

The scarf i found some random red chunky yarn chained 5 and did TR/DC stitches. The pattern oddly enough says to KNIT the damn thing and has a mini pattern for the scarf which actually looks nicer than mine but we can’t all be like the designer LOL – She does say you can crochet one. I mean i tried to knit once and it really got on my nerves, i may give it a go again one day but it just isn’t quick enough for me.
I used chunky yarn because at this point i was tired and getting annoyed that it wasn’t done PLUS i think it looks better and worked up quicker.

PATTERN IS HERE > > > > > > > > > Kangaroo kira


It’s bank holiday weekend, so i am taking this time to relax! I am doing nothing until Tuesday lol. Okay that’s a lie, i am planning stuff for the store and finish my baby chenille blanket & probably end up making other things. I now have to finish my friends requests which is the same pattern as Kira but it’s not in kangaroo form – It’s takes foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to do so i am kind of excited to do it because it looks different but kind of not because of how long it will take.

I will catch up with blogs tomorrow ❤ I literally need to breathe so please don’t think i am being rude or ignorant if i have only liked a post and not commented i am going to really thoroughly catch up on all your amazing posts.

Have a good one folks!!

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(Incase you missed it here is the pattern link again Kangaroo Kira)



Twinklehook website is LIVE

My online store is here! Sorry about the no picture on this post.
It’s live – I am ready. I have a few bottle of wines to celebrate & I am still finishing my Lalylala LOL! It will be on my website by tonight 🙂


Thank you to all those that have shown interest and well my adventure basically begins.
I won’t stop blogging though haha 😀 😀

Have a great bank holiday weekend 🙂


Rebecca AKA twinklehook LOLOLOL!

Wednesday BLEUGH



My song trying to get through all the finishing touches, projects not done and my life.



Quick post, no wips today i’ve been out all day. I went to a local vigil this evening in respect for the events recently in Manchester.
I don’t really want to remind everyone on what happened that day as evil as it is i don’t think the sick bastards that did it deserve anymore time to be spoken about.

I will send out my deepest thoughts, prayers to all those that died and families that lost somebody that day.
A huge thanks and respect to the British emergency services, doctors, strangers and everyone that was around that day to help!


On a lighter note..

I am sitting here sweating my bag off because England decided to be warm on a what is such a stressful week.
I also have had some bad news but i won’t say too much as i don’t think it’s right to broadcast personal issues of others no matter how much of a gossip queen i am.

Something has been bugging me today. I have gone all day and convinced myself that it’s Thursday!? NO WONDER I’ve been a hot mess.. LOL.
Also had an invite code thing for an app/website for my neighbours and neighbourhood – I am now apart of some kind of mini group thing that’s private and all that shit. Had quite a gossip. Going to one of them watch meetings tomorrow which i thought was today????????????


In other news, i ate ice cream today. It’s time for me to actually crack on so i think i will work late tonight maybe til around 2:00am to get shit going.

Hope everyone has had a good day and whats everyone’s WIPS!?!?!

12 point star ripple blanket – Monday Madness



Lord help me! It’s done. I did it, i finally bloody did it. Not going to lie it’s been tedious due to the fact that this yarn isn’t exactly fun. As beautiful as it is, it’s thin and light which is hard for anyone that never crochets with 4 ply.

View the first post i made about here where i posted a link to the video tutorial >>>>>> Star blanket
This will be a pre – made item on my store which in case you didn’t know launches this Friday the 26th. Bet your so sick of my shitty website talk LOL!
I’m going to launch it an hour early than I’ve told people so WP friends can see it first not that it makes a difference but i want to blog it before hand.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – I got two more things to finish before Friday. Laylala  and my soft chenille blanket. It won’t take long to do because its chunky and quick. As for the doll, i have the arms, tail, cap, ears, pouch and baby kangaroo to make FML! I don’t know if i will have enough time to do Bina the bear? I mean i should do as it’s literally basic – Head, arms, body, cap, ears you know the the normal so i might start that Thursday possibly Wednesday night.

I won’t have time to do all of the little things this week but i can do them as the days/weeks go by and slowly add stuff. I think the first few weeks is getting my name out and promoting.

If you have me on Insta you will probably see my pictures first LOL! So i aren’t repeating it’s just my first place to go when i take a picture.

I’ve been pretty random on it, i even ate cheese cake on a video. Oh and I’ve been trying to tackle my anxiety and the dreams of having a nice sexy body hahaha!!!

So my tummy always looks like i am pregnant yup i am actually sharing my insecurities with you guys. I am pretty sure Tami pointed me in the direction of Chamomile tea.
I got some on Friday & i didn’t get the pure one i got it with honey as i had never tried it before.
I have actually been really enjoying it and i am thinking about swapping my 5 cups of normal tea with some fruit teas. I will still allow myself to have my morning tea cause we all need that boost.
Yesterday was the first day i had two cups of Chamomile, i had one in the evening and one late at night before sleep. I should of spread it out but i was at my mums for Sunday dinner and forgot. Saturday i had one cup before bed and it really helped with my bloating because i made a pie that night and pastry does not agree with me!!

That being said it’s also calming me at night and i have been sleeping REALLY well. I still have a long way to go with my anxiety but i have noticed about a 20% difference.
I also bought myself some slimming shakes, i think i will head to the market Wednesday and get some meat, fresh produce and some fruit. I am thinking shake and fruit for breakfast, shake and  some kind of fruit salad for lunch then a good protein salad/meal for dinner.
I will also get in between snacks so i have like 2kg of raisins :/ i had to stop eating them because i was literally munching on them all day and they basically detoxed my f*****g bowls LOL.
Tomorrow i will go light as i am going out for a meal and it’s not until like 7PM so i don’t want to feel fat and heavy when i go out. I am also going to start doing some yoga for a few weeks and then i am going to try my zumba DVD – I want to do yoga first as i have been getting lower back ache recently especially when i walk so i need to maybe take care of my posture a little better first.

HOLY shit this is a long post. I like talking about getting healthy, i am looking forward to it. I really want to do it this time as i have already quit smoking and correct me if i am wrong but i think this is the start of my fifth week smoke free?
I do really feel like it’s time to make these changes because, 1. If i don’t do it i never will and 2. I am kind of sick of being unhappy.

I just also want to say that don’t ever feel pressured that you need to get healthy and live a certain lifestyle. If you do want to make changes do it when the time is right, because you don’t want to be in the wrong frame of mind. I tried to do all of this last year and i really just wasn’t feeling it and i ended up back to square one within 5 days.
This time i feel it, so don’t rush yourself. Make gradual changes if you need to 🙂 It doesn’t need to happen over night.

That’s it for today! I will post the pie recipe tomorrow, well the way i made it. I have such a lot to do today. I am currently waiting for my washing machine to clean, had to buy stuff because it was smelling and i need to do laundry GRRR. Also bedding change again.
I bought some beauty things today, i got a sheet mask, day and night cream, lotion, cleaning stuff so i am going to have a nice bath tonight and pamper. I keep breaking out in spots and with the weather being warm recently my skin needs to be looked after as i have oily skin and i don’t want it clogging.

Ramble ramble ramble.

Going to catch up on blogs as well! Have a good one folks 🙂