Makeup Monday – Makeup Revolution Lipstick review.

OKAY, so i aren’t exactly on form with this new venture into writing beauty posts but that’s okay. I have yet to set up my Youtube because every time i go to do it, something pops up and then all the hours in the day are gone and i am in bed.

So, i have reviewed the Soph palette by MUR before and i have a bunch of lipsticks here by them so i thought i would swatch, take pictures and even sting my lips off by putting them on for you guys to see.

I am not affiliated with Makeup Revolution, all of these lipsticks have been purchases by myself and i have not been asked to make this post. 
All views are my own, and just because i might not say bad things about a brand doesn’t mean i am kissing arse. People are allowed to like things you know! 

Firstly, ignore the messy application on the lips and my gross makeup – I’ve had a rough day, as for the application i had to be quick because light disappears super quick!

Stuff to know – The have lots and lots and lots…………….and lots of shades and they have different collections. Sadly i don’t own every one, and i would like to as i LOVE these lipsticks. They are affordable, and they have so many colours to choose from. Like if you are into your nudes especially, you won’t be disappointed.
The most expensive lipstick retails at £4.00 – I will tell you which collection and price its all from.
You can purchase all of these lipsticks from Tam Beauty 



Iconic Pro – £2.49 some of the ultra mattes £3.00


Left to right: You are beautiful, game of mystery, absolutely flawless, you’re a star, looking ahead 



Top left – You are beautiful
Top right – Game of Mystery
Bottom left – Absolutely flawless
Middle – You’re a star
Bottom right – Looking ahead

Okay, so Abso flawless and you’re a star a very similar on my lips which is kind of hard to see the difference. You’re a star has more of a pink tone though, and it’s not my fav out of the bunch because i rarely go for pinks.
That doesn’t mean the product sucks, for the price, the formula is actually spot on. You are beautiful i did have to warm up a little bit on the back of hand but i think that’s due to it being so damn nude and it did feel a little different in texture than the rest. Ones i use all the time are, You are beautiful and Game of mystery. Why? Because for me they are the perfect nude, and if you have no time to decide what lippie to wear with your look grab any of the first 4. Looking ahead is basically my natural lip colour on a good day, maybe its slightly darker. Game of mystery is the only matte out of the shades i have in this collection.
Over all rating 3.5 / 5 – I think the formula on the more nude shades could be more pigmented. I had to go over a few times to make the colour work.
They last an okay time, i think its hard to avoid lipsticks coming off during your regular routine. However, the mattes are pretty good at staying on.


Rose gold lipsticks £3.00 




Left to right: Wishful, Lust, Inclination and Chauffeur 




Top left – Wishful
Top right – Lust
Bottom left – Inclination
Bottom right – Chauffeur


OMG!!!! THIS FORMULA IS AMAZING. Okay, so i might not like all of the colours – Not because the product sucks but the shades don’t suit me. But the formula is a massive step up from the basic Iconic pro’s. They are so cream and pigmented! Very wearable, and i actually have worn Wishful quite a few times and the staying power on these are very good – All three except Chauffeur are matte but Chauffeur does have a matte version!
Wishful, lust and chauffeur are my favourite. I was surprised i like Lust because pinks for me are bleughhhhhhhhhhhhh they always look quite odd and as if i’m trying to hard but this is very natural and nice. Inclination however does not suit me at all, I LOVE the colour it’s very different but on me it looks like dog shit. I wish i could pull off that shade because the pigment, the feel and how creamy it feels is outstanding! Especially for the price point.
The only problem i find is that, some of the mattes get used quite quickly because they are that creamy if that makes sense. But i have no issue in restocking on the ones i use the most, so PLEASE don’t ever change your formula. THOUGH – THOUGH, some of the mattes feel different. Like some are more stiffer? I aren’t an expert so is it because of the shades, they all need a different formula. It’s not a bad thing, and certainly nothing to put me off buying again. I found the stiffer they are the longer the product last.
The mattes are not drying at all, because of how creamy they are your lips don’t instantly feel like a camels arsehole.
Over all rating: 4 / 5 


Life on the dancefloor  & Ultra Amplification £3.00 




Left to right: Stiletto, Exclusive, Head turner, Potential  & Amplify 



Top left – Stiletto
Top right – Exclusive
Bottom left – Head turner
Middle – Potential
Bottom right – Amplify (Ultra amplification)



LETS get the odd one out first, Amplify which is from the Ultra amplification collection. I only have the one, because it’s the only colour i liked. I tend to go for a lot of basic shades and natural colours but i do like to pick the odd colour and wear it once in a while because wacky and unusual shades is my personality, but i am fussy because they have to look good. – Which if i am honest, if I LIKE IT ON ME then that’s all that matters, so don’t judge me by my bright ass lips.
I like this shade, its a purple but has pink tones in it so its a little lighter than your usual purple. It did need warming up a little before the pigment popped through and it isn’t the most pigmented out the ones i have, but it works. I like the colour of the packaging, it has this grey/silver shift to it so for this i won’t fully rate it as i only have the one out of the collection but i am going to just say its okay.

Life on the dancefloor summary

First off can we take a second to appreciate the amazing packaging? GLITTER! How awesome would you look topping up your lippie and pulling out this hot mama, them bitches be shook.
Quick note, these are new and each colour packaging matches the new eyeshadow palettes which are also called Life on the dancefloor. I think they are only a Christmas exclusive so would stock up on them.

Stiletto, head turner and potential are the rose gold and go with the Guest list palette. Potential and Stiletto are both mattes, the others i have aren’t.
Exclusive is my favourite, with Stiletto coming up at a second. The formula really does vary with these, and i found that even though they are very pigmented and good quality they didn’t scream at me with joy. I mean i think it literally is because i own so many nude/neutral lipsticks and not just by this brand. Because these are glitter wow and the palettes are all glitter wow, i just expected a bit more in regards to the shades. However, the rose gold palette is a very neutral one at that so it makes sense that the matching lipsticks do reflect but i feel as though Exclusive is slightly similar to Chauffeur though up close you can see the difference – This is based on my lips, everyone is different and we all have different lip colours and i think by this point mine were red and sore from all the swatching. 
HOWEVER – The gold lipstick Potential which matches the palette VIP, i really love. It’s this beautiful burnt orange, slightly darker than the Inclination shade in the rose gold collection. Though i aren’t sure if this suits me, it makes me really pale but I LOVE the shade so much, that if it doesn’t suit me i might just wear it around the house. The formula in Potential is quite thick, it is creamy but thick. So i imagine it would last a little bit longer.
They generally feel like the same as the other lippies, but i might branch out and get some more colours and test the formulas on them, i mean after today i am sick of nudes. Overall rating 3.5 / 5
I was a bit sad that the lipsticks i have didn’t say matte on them for the ones that are, no big deal just all the other matte lippies do have that on the little label. This isn’t the reason for the 3.5 rating, it’s not a bad rating i just wasn’t feeling the shades on me and the formula felt very up and down on each one.


Renaissance collection £4.00 




Left to right: Greatest, Cliche, Fortify 




Top left – Greatest
Top right – Cliche
Bottom left – Fortify



STOP STOP STOP, hold the fort. Incoming, most beautiful perfected lipstick ever coming through.

Nope not lying! OK 1. the packaging is so luxe, it feels expensive and its only £4.00 – Even its metal or whatever material it is. All the other collections even the rose gold is plastic.
So for that extra pound you are getting even more quality in the packaging. The difference when sliding up your lippie, you can feel the tightness  – As in its more stuck in, basically well made. Before it gets rude.
The pigmentation!! OH lets talk about that, straight away the colour is pop pop pop pop pop BEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUTIFUL. They are not mattes, but i have worn Fortify a few times and it lasts a long time. The formula is thick and creamy, so the lasting power is strong.
Greatest didn’t scream out to me shade wise, but it just glides on the lips i was like damn damn damn. Cliche is my favourite, i love that colour – That is the purple i have been looking for!! You know i would wear that to work, to the toilet, in the bath its so pretty. I find that with me and my skin tone, some purples look vile and i look like im in drag but i rally do think i can get away with wearing Cliche without people thinking ewwwwww she gross.
Fortify however, is beautiful. I don’t wear reds, this has a pink tones and if you look close (if you can) has a rose gold shift. I have worn this one the most out of the three because its pretty, i don’t swing for reds and as mentioned before serious pinks but this, just something about this shade that i like and i don’t even need to go crazy with the eye make up or serious face contour. Just basic makeup, winged eye and this lipstick.  By this point i was losing light so my photos might look more cool tone and i cant be arsed with the editing so i am gutted that the camera hasn’t picked up Fortify the way i wanted it.
Overall rating 5/5
Hardly surprising seeing how the quality does not feel like £4.00, i like the formula. I get dry and sore lips and this does not in any way make my lips feel bleughhhhhhh after taking it off or through out the day.


Over all – Okay i might of said it before, i love this brand. It’s legit, everyone has a favourite brand right? This is mine.
I have some little meh’s about the lipstick but they really aren’t worth crying over, because the price is so cheap. If was paying £25 for one lippie sure id bitch all year about it, but this brand does such a good job at letting the products out shine the not so good.


Thanks for reading, again sorry for the god awful photo’s – Here is the link to tam beauty’s website again >>>>>>>>>>>> click here

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Makeup Revolution Soph x palette – Review


Straight off the bat, with the exception of my first beauty post about products i like. When i am doing review – I WONT be getting all professional with my photos. I want you to see these products raw, like its your eyes looking right at them. Because its fair.
Also, i am not affiliated with this company, not sponsored to review this item nor did i get it for free.
These views are my own, and i got this with my own dollar – Kaching.


The stuff before the review

Okay, lets the this shit out of the way. Makeup revolution are probably for me one of the damn best drug store brands right now. They have a website (any other sites mentioned, all links will be at the end of this post.) They are affiliated with I heart makeup, Freedom, Makeup Obsession and a few other brands. All can be found on – I believe you can order internationally via that site, but if your also in the UK Superdrug stock the products online and in store, and for the U.S I am going to guess and say Ulta.
Personally, most of my items have been ordered with tam beauty as everytime i go to a drug store every one fingers the make up and blah i can’t ever get what i want.
The prices are crazy! I mean, like most brands even the high end – You are going to get some mega hits and some misses but if your paying half the price it’s not a massive loss. I mean i’d rather spend £10.00 on an eye shadow palette and it be shit than spend £40 + you feel me?

So Soph aka Sophdoesnails is just one of the three brand ambassadors (and she’s a super cool, down to earth youtuber) who did a collab with them and came out with her own palette.
From picking the colours, and shade names to designing the packaging she gave her creative all!
She also released her own high lighter palette which i am actually waiting for because they also launched a few new things the other day 😀 and yup they are on order.

Anyways – So the palette is £10.00, 24 shadows so 14 mattes and i think 10 shimmer shades.
This brand is Cruelty free, even though they don’t have the bunny logo on the website? but they do swear they are. I am actually going to email them though and ask why. I’ve only really recently been paying attention more to cruetly free brands, and trying to use as many as possible so it’s always super reassuring when you do see that bunny.
The palette HOWEVER is vegan, cruelty free and gluten free. So Soph did have some good influence here!

All the shades are named and as always with with MUR palettes, they come with a mirror. I mean honestly, i really don’t get how some expensive brands cant add in a good quality mirror in palettes.
That, is for a rainy day.


I won’t be saying sorry for the shit picture, i won’t be saying sorry for the condition of the palette because this beaut has had some use lol! I love it but we won’t go into that yet.
So firstly, i love the names. The shades really do give a Autumn/fall vibe, but i would actually use this shade all year round. Summer spring, i tend to steer for pink, gold, light orange and i use browns but only lightly. So depending on how you look at this palette, it can be versatile if you really used it for all seasons.
HOWEVER, it is more autumn/winter which isn’t a bad thing.

Some swatches

I haven’t swatched every single one, because i am a lazy reviewer. I think arm swatches are pointless and really doesn’t tell you if they are going to work on the eye.
Which is where i am going to go into it after these pictures. So you will literally just see the shades on my finger tips, fuck i feel stupid though now. But honestly, pigmentation and the way the look on an arm really really doesn’t tell you the truth.
THE only reason why i did it with the JH palette is because the thing was so damn big.








These are just two of the looks i did with this palette. I’ve done many more but these have been my favourite.




The matte shades work like a dream, they blend really nicely and the orange shades in particular. I am actually very surprised with the black shade, usually blacks are patchy or you need to build them up which isn’t a bad thing. I like to build up my black eye shadows rather than having full pigment and too much to work with. But this black is kind of in the middle. Thought i’ve only used the black a few times, it’s not a colour i reach for that often!

The bottom picture i used;
Transition – cuppa tea
Crease – tiramasu and a little bit of mug cake
Lid – Copper coin
And for a bit of warmth on the corner I used rose wood

Favourite matte shades are:

  • Cuppa tea
  • Tirimasu
  • Pug
  • Penguin & Pancakes – Penguin, is great for brow bone highlight or defining, as well as setting any eye primer. I don’t really define my brows but i do like to get a flat brush under my brow, just touching the start of my shadow to blend the eye shadow.
    Pancakes again is perfect for blending and setting. Two must have colours for me in palettes as something like the shade like pancakes is handy to have if you’ve made a blending mistake or need to correct outer edges. Just pop that shade on a blending brush, i like to use these – or whatever brush and sweep over to cancel out mistakes.


Shimmers are something i’ve only started to really play with more. Some shimmers can be really thick and crumbly, and a few are like this in this palette. Don’t think that’s a negative. Some of these are best used with a wet brush or some fixing spray to get them to work better, and make the colours pop. Grow old and copper coin were my least favourite shades to work with, which was a shame because grow old is probably one of my most loved.
But, depending on the brush you use or technique you might have better luck. Everyone is different.
The pigment on copper coin is there, but trying to make it pop on the eye was a little disappointing and i noted that it was an okay shade, not a shade i haven’t seen else where either.

Petrol and pine tree however are quite unique, i’ve seen many green shimmers but this one has a tiny reflect in it which i love, and its the perfect green. Some green shades ive used in the past with other palettes, end up looking dark and boring, almost brown at times and muddy if mixed with other colours.
The first eye look, i used Pine tree and i did have to wet my brush and pack it on.

Petrol though, is epic. It’s got this awesome shift, and i will WILL edit this post with a proper swatch so you can see the shift as the last picture of my finger, you can only just see it on Petrol.
Its perfect for the outer corner of the eye, and the shift in colour doesn’t make it hard to mix it with other colours as it kind of gives it this unusual touch. I will do an eye look with this shade again, but i don’t like to wear heavy or darkish make up too often because i almost feel OVER dressed?

For the green eye look the shades used are;
Transition: pug
Crease: mug cake and a tiny bit of rosewood
Lid: starting from the corner sparks fly then used pine tree.

Little bit of fairy lights towards the brow just to blend edges.


Overall thoughts

For the price point, and quality it’s actually really good and i prefer some of these shades over my JH palette. It’s CURRENTLY one of my favourite palettes to use, but not my all time favourite because some of the shades i won’t ever use like the red/orange warm tones. With the exception of the autumn look i did, as i will use those colours again.
If you have a palette full of browns and warm shades, i would say to actually buy it. The shimmer shades make it worth while as the brown shimmers and gold tone ones are really beautiful. Every shade has it’s use.
And if you are fan of Soph, you are supporting her and the brand.

I would like to of seen more pink tones, and could of maybe done without the two brown shades at the bottom. Even though one is more cool toned.


Rating 9/10 – It’s £10, it hasn’t broken my bank and i will use this palette over and over again.

Click here for Soph’s channel
Tam beauty 



I will continue to edit this post and update it with pictures and swatches, i will be doing my first Youtube video and this brand will be mostly talked about! So keep a look out.

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