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Re blog :)


Just a re blog today folks, my wrist is killing me! I’ve been crocheting orders and stuff for the stall pretty much days on days without no break. So i am taken a wee few days off to relax! Please don’t forget to join in on the bloggers Xmas

You have until next week (or so) to get on the list before we have to meet the posts deadline.


For now enjoy




Travel theme: Frozen

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Let’s send – Christmas cards: Blogger join in.

Image result for christmas photos


Hey guys, just a quick post today! I’ve just been sitting on the toilet and i had this really cool idea. It maybe already happening or has been done before but i thought about how Christmas cards are really cute and i never get many because i don’t have many friends. I usually get from my mum, boyfriend, his family etc. My mum doesn’t get many either because she is older now and hasn’t got a partner and lives alone, and most of our family we don’t speak too.
Which got me thinking about how many people in the world are alone, or have something horrible going on and at Christmas time nobody should feel sad, or alone.
A Christmas card can cheer you up, because it’s the idea of someone remembering you or shows that they thought about you to send a card. Just that little gesture can make someones day.

So, i am declaring a Let’s send Christmas cards to each other! This is open internationally if you wish to send cards over seas, but make sure you check the postage cost. I think this would be a really nice thing to do as i know some friends of mine on here that I’ve made have had some really tough times lately and cards cheer people up.

Here are the rules and what you have to do:

  • Comment that you would like to take part and i’ll add your name in a list on this blog
  • Email me at rebeccapursell2016@gmail.com with your Address, name and blog name so i can gather a list
  • You have until the 24th of November to comment and take part
  • You may send as many cards as you want to whoever you want.
  • You may make your own
  • You can send a card anonymously if you want it to be a secret!
  • On the 24th, i will send a bulk email to all those that have taken part with the blog names and address, you may choose from the list who you wish to send.
  • I would recommend that if you are posting internationally, you post the cards within the first week of December.
  • If you are sending locally, make sure you check the cut off dates for your postage so you don’t miss the last post – This will apply for international posts too.
  • DON’T DELAY!!!! I have OCD with Christmas post so sooner rather than later as it’s the shittest time of year for mail.


Email rebeccapursell2016@gmail.com 

Any questions feel free to ask! Spread the word, and let’s make someones day with a card 😀


Rebecca xoxo


List of people taking part

Tami @tanglewoodknots 


Robin @Imperialcrochet 


Imperfect Beauty 

Hannah @quietwatercraft



My hands are cold,
My hands are tied,
Your subtle whisper,
I heard you lie,
My clothes, my shoes,
Are no more,
As my body hits the floor,
My hands are cold,
My hands are tied,
Here i lay,
As i die.



Rebecca Pursell

Oh this was scheduled because I’m a wizard. 

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Bye October what is up November?!


October you crazy, boring fool you! I’m so glad that its going, but at the same time i aren’t enjoying how fast this year has gone! But it’s over with and thank God Halloween has pissed off. SORRY but i don’t like it, whats the point?

Anyways, so this month was a super productive one for me as i wanted to get my orders up to date so i can use November to fully prep for my December stall. That being said i do have a few more orders to start as well, so it’s going to be a little bit insane for me trying to juggle.
Next year i am making sure things are set in place and that i have rules for customers as i can’t be doing with this come as they please, i was always open to made to order but it can get really over whelming and with my depression and anxiety, i struggled some days to pull myself together.

That being said, i got two blankets finished, a unicorn, elephant, baby hat, toddler hat, booties. I’ve delayed starting my other orders, i kinda told people my order book wasn’t being re open til a certain date and then i got the flu or a bad cold so i had to delay.
BUT i am making a super soft blanket for my friends daughter as i took her really small baby one i made and decided to make her a huge pink fluffy one instead. I also have an order for a much bigger unicorn, like the white one and a ‘maybe’ on the mermaid blanket. It’s going to cost a lot to buy the yarn and £35 is without my time, so if the customer doesn’t want too, then i understand as not everyone has money. I won’t hold a grudge at all, its easier to earn from smaller things or blankets.

I wanted to make a lot more this month but blankets really do take up time don’t they?

So here is a round up of October

Okay, my blogging game as been iffy these past few months and bullet journaling turned into a as and when, so it didn’t help BUT i started to notice a difference in stats this month, and i don’t really give a shit about them. Though since my few beauty posts i made, i noticed a huge difference.

Blog stats:

Blog posts – 12
Views – 437
Visitors – 324 

Most viewed
1. Homepage
2. Soph palette review
3. Jaclyn Hill review
4. Lipstick review

I’m a little sad about this but happy. I decided on the changes and to post the things i love, but i never wanted the beauty side to take over, my crochet and writing does follow on but i feel a little deserted? This is partly my fault, i have lost myself with keeping track of peoples posts and rarely interact as much on here because I find instagram easier.

I am happy that people do like my beauty posts, this makes me feel positive about my Youtube videos – WHICH BY THE WAY I AM GOING TO BLOODY FILM. Honestly, i can’t explain how hard it is to juggle stuff. I am thinking boyfriend works 3 days, i film on two of those days.


November goals & shit 

It’s national novel writing month, you’d think this would be my gig right? My chance to finally do something about this novel idea – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Okay, to anyone that writes. Do you have strict rules? I seem to only have this rule where i will only write when inspired and not force myself a specific word count everyday. I can’t, if it aint lurking in my brain i don’t want to chat shit.

I was going to join in with nanowrimo i wanted to do it last year, and got myself hyped this year now the time has come and i don’t fancy it. I know it’s not the end of the world if you don’t finish it but, meh i think i get scared. I might MIGHT give it a bash.
Writing is really hard if you are serious about it, i love doing short stories but i want to achieve my dream. I aren’t getting any younger and i feel as old as a corpse, i look at how many people have achieved shit and are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay younger than me. Its fucking depressing, so 2018 will be my year.



November to do’s and goals 

I’ve never really properly blogged about this, i don’t think?

  1. Blog more and pay attention to the little blog community i have
  2. Crochet for my life – Stall items, Christmas.
  3. Plan plan plan. Not sure what yet but just plan your shit and get it together
  4. Diet, be serious about getting healthy. Probably not the best time of year to diet but you know what. I need to do it, i feel myself getting fatter and fatter. Its taking a huge toll on my mood as well, i am lacking confidence because i know it’s getting me down.
  5. Write whatever comes to mind. So this means take notebooks where ever i go, i need to write what inspires me, then i can look back at all the shit and maybe it will inspire me again.
  6. Go out with your camera at least once a week. – Apart from filming this is a nifty camera and i want to take pictures of it being Autumn.
  7. Film Youtube videos – YUP, making time guys making time.
  8. Read one book this month and do a review… I have not had the time to read and i feel like shit for it.
  9. Finish your C2C blanket you started 6 months ago LOL WOOPS
  10. Change electric supplier.


Can i get a amen?

No that’s okay, God wouldn’t allow it. I can’t promise i will ever do another post like this at the end of the month, because you know what happens when Rebecca promises you get nothing… LOL.

I hope everyone has had an epic October and that your November is full of happiness and blah.
Here are some GIF’s i find funny.


Me waiting for a cup of tea…


Me creeping on the neighbours cats 

Me when it’s my turn to do the dishes

Me when i’m told not to buy anymore yarn



RIGHT that will do ay? I’ll catch up with the ole posts in the morning cause i am about to hit the hay, got an early start. BLEUGH

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Disconnected – Short story

“How much food do we have til they open the store again?”

“A couple of meals i say”

It was enough, it’s not like the store wasn’t going to open again. But for some reason people thought the need to ration, even supermarkets got in on it too. Once a week the it would open for a set amount of time, then close. We were able to get the most needed items, but they still had to limit how much because everyone needed to eat and drink.

The world had lost it’s mind since the internet went down, it was as though people had forgotten how life was lived without access to the online world. Four weeks had passed, nobody understand why or when it would be back – If was to ever come back.
I didn’t care, i actually liked it. The air was hectic but i also felt a sense of peace. People weren’t glued to laptops or phones unless they needed to make a call.
Children were out on the street playing, or at home with toys. The news reported that toy sales had risen because children were unable to play most mobile or tablet games without a connection, and mobile data was unavailable. Footballs and sporting goods were another popular thing, people were going out and just throwing a ball around.
Crime hadn’t changed, which we all though would. Hackers are clearly pissed off, but banks and expensive stores have had to adjust the alarms systems. Most are a live alarms, where the security feed is 24/7 linked with an online server. It had all been disconnected but nobody gave it a thought to go and rob the local banks. – How odd?

Is this something that’s going to make the world come together or eventually will people crack and crime will rise, i just don’t know. I aren’t seeking for answers, i am accepting this as it comes across. Whilst most spend all day and night trying to do something about it, i am sleeping without disturbance.


“Have you seen the fucking news, look quick…. The worlds been cut off from electric. What in the fuck are we going to do now?”


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Let’s have fun – Top 10 favourite movies


OK so i haven’t been able to stick to my usual routine of blogging haha, next week i’ll do another beauty review but for the mean time, here is my top ten favourite movies EVER!
Number 1 ranking the best.

10. The Lost Boys

OH MY GOD this film, i love it i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it. LIKE i know you know i love the 70’s BUT THE 80’s how god damn sexy were they! Such a shame about Corey Haim but these make vampirism sexy lol!!!

9. The Breakfast club

If you don’t like this film or you have never watched this film – Girl bye.

8. The Addams Family

Okay, the films are little bit silly but they are random, weird, and everything i am. This film made up pretty much my child hood lol! I always wanted to be in that family. You gotta have some quirkiness in your film selection right?

7. Edward Scissorhands

My mum would go round my nans (my dads mum) on a weekend, and no doubt id end up on the sofa with a blanket watching a video. THIS one, i would pick this one every time. I was obsessed. He scared the shit out of me as a kid but i was loved him, i felt sorry for him. Even to this day, now understanding the film and the deeper meaning it touches me every time!

6. Up!

If this doesn’t make you laugh or cry then are you even human? This made it into the list because its brilliant. I guess some of the story is a little mature, the losing the baby, death etc but why do animated films always have to be so KID friendly. Shit, i was watching the Exorcist in bed as a kid. Ok so i taped it one night when i saw it was on TV my mum didn’t know, but still. Of course i have a bunch of favourite animated films, but for me this got me forgetting the rest. I mean, this film knocked off Snow white.

5. My Best Friends Wedding

I watched this as a kid as well LOL  my mum got me into so many films, i think i was around 8 or 9 when i saw this film. Anyways, this list sucks because all these films deserve to me number one. My Besties wedding, i can’t fault it. It cheers me up and the scene where they sing Aretha Franklin is iconic.
Julia roberts, you do it ever time, you nail every damn role!

4. Titanic

I’ve watched this film around 100 times, no honestly i that’s how much i love it. It makes me CRY every single time, some people think this film is hella cheesy and i know it’s not 100% to the tragedy, the black an white film is more accurate but it still is super hard to watch knowing all those people died. Oh shit, pass me the tissues.

3.Calamity Jane

Doris Day was one of the first old school actresses my mum introduces me too, in fact this was the first film i saw with Doris day. From that moment on, i loved her so much as an actress. She is beautiful and has such a perfect representation of what a Hollywood star should be. I still think she is the most beautiful woman and as a kid i always wanted to be pretty like her. This was a hard one to list because i really am a huge fan and i’ve seen every film – I might have to do a top ten doris day to give her position in list justice!!
2. When Harry Met Sally

This is the perfect definition of a love story, seriously. Two best friends falling in love, like legit not stupidly like some films.
It touched me because my boyfriend and i were besties, and we are so alike yet so different and clash but he is my soul mate. I saw this film way before him though but it just makes my heart happy because it feels SO REAL!!!!!!!!! I Love meg ryan she’s another favourite actress.
How can we forget the famous orgasm scene!!!

1 . The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers

This wasn’t a difficult spot, honestly i am a massive fan. So much that in highschool i would wear the one ring around my neck, obviously not real. Probably why i got bullied.
The Two towers specifically is because of the battle of Helms Deep, it sends shivers down my spine when i think of it and when i watch it i still feel like it’s the first time i’ve ever watched it. Each film deserves a spot in it’s own right as all three a brilliant, but this one oh my god this one. Nothing will ever replace my love for these films, the books even more.
I want more Middle Earth movies, i really think in time some of Tolkiens work could be turned into movies. His other books does have the stuff before all of this but they aren’t an easy read but i guess sometimes some things are best left untouched.

FUN FACT, when LOTR the fellowship first came out on VHS, i would watch it every night in bed, no seriously. Even if i fell asleep, after a long day of school i would rewind that bad boy and start again. 


I’ve actually enjoyed making this list, and now i have lots of lists buzzing around to make and i probably won’t do them LOLOL but i might write them in my bullet journal, gives me something to do on a rainy day right?
I think if i do a next list, it will be TV shows.

SO thanks for reading if you did, i’d love to hear your top ten films! Let me know if you enjoy any of mine in the list.

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Makeup Revolution Soph x palette – Review


Straight off the bat, with the exception of my first beauty post about products i like. When i am doing review – I WONT be getting all professional with my photos. I want you to see these products raw, like its your eyes looking right at them. Because its fair.
Also, i am not affiliated with this company, not sponsored to review this item nor did i get it for free.
These views are my own, and i got this with my own dollar – Kaching.


The stuff before the review

Okay, lets the this shit out of the way. Makeup revolution are probably for me one of the damn best drug store brands right now. They have a website (any other sites mentioned, all links will be at the end of this post.) They are affiliated with I heart makeup, Freedom, Makeup Obsession and a few other brands. All can be found on tambeauty.com – I believe you can order internationally via that site, but if your also in the UK Superdrug stock the products online and in store, and for the U.S I am going to guess and say Ulta.
Personally, most of my items have been ordered with tam beauty as everytime i go to a drug store every one fingers the make up and blah i can’t ever get what i want.
The prices are crazy! I mean, like most brands even the high end – You are going to get some mega hits and some misses but if your paying half the price it’s not a massive loss. I mean i’d rather spend £10.00 on an eye shadow palette and it be shit than spend £40 + you feel me?

So Soph aka Sophdoesnails is just one of the three brand ambassadors (and she’s a super cool, down to earth youtuber) who did a collab with them and came out with her own palette.
From picking the colours, and shade names to designing the packaging she gave her creative all!
She also released her own high lighter palette which i am actually waiting for because they also launched a few new things the other day 😀 and yup they are on order.

Anyways – So the palette is £10.00, 24 shadows so 14 mattes and i think 10 shimmer shades.
This brand is Cruelty free, even though they don’t have the bunny logo on the website? but they do swear they are. I am actually going to email them though and ask why. I’ve only really recently been paying attention more to cruetly free brands, and trying to use as many as possible so it’s always super reassuring when you do see that bunny.
The palette HOWEVER is vegan, cruelty free and gluten free. So Soph did have some good influence here!

All the shades are named and as always with with MUR palettes, they come with a mirror. I mean honestly, i really don’t get how some expensive brands cant add in a good quality mirror in palettes.
That, is for a rainy day.


I won’t be saying sorry for the shit picture, i won’t be saying sorry for the condition of the palette because this beaut has had some use lol! I love it but we won’t go into that yet.
So firstly, i love the names. The shades really do give a Autumn/fall vibe, but i would actually use this shade all year round. Summer spring, i tend to steer for pink, gold, light orange and i use browns but only lightly. So depending on how you look at this palette, it can be versatile if you really used it for all seasons.
HOWEVER, it is more autumn/winter which isn’t a bad thing.

Some swatches

I haven’t swatched every single one, because i am a lazy reviewer. I think arm swatches are pointless and really doesn’t tell you if they are going to work on the eye.
Which is where i am going to go into it after these pictures. So you will literally just see the shades on my finger tips, fuck i feel stupid though now. But honestly, pigmentation and the way the look on an arm really really doesn’t tell you the truth.
THE only reason why i did it with the JH palette is because the thing was so damn big.








These are just two of the looks i did with this palette. I’ve done many more but these have been my favourite.




The matte shades work like a dream, they blend really nicely and the orange shades in particular. I am actually very surprised with the black shade, usually blacks are patchy or you need to build them up which isn’t a bad thing. I like to build up my black eye shadows rather than having full pigment and too much to work with. But this black is kind of in the middle. Thought i’ve only used the black a few times, it’s not a colour i reach for that often!

The bottom picture i used;
Transition – cuppa tea
Crease – tiramasu and a little bit of mug cake
Lid – Copper coin
And for a bit of warmth on the corner I used rose wood

Favourite matte shades are:

  • Cuppa tea
  • Tirimasu
  • Pug
  • Penguin & Pancakes – Penguin, is great for brow bone highlight or defining, as well as setting any eye primer. I don’t really define my brows but i do like to get a flat brush under my brow, just touching the start of my shadow to blend the eye shadow.
    Pancakes again is perfect for blending and setting. Two must have colours for me in palettes as something like the shade like pancakes is handy to have if you’ve made a blending mistake or need to correct outer edges. Just pop that shade on a blending brush, i like to use these – or whatever brush and sweep over to cancel out mistakes.


Shimmers are something i’ve only started to really play with more. Some shimmers can be really thick and crumbly, and a few are like this in this palette. Don’t think that’s a negative. Some of these are best used with a wet brush or some fixing spray to get them to work better, and make the colours pop. Grow old and copper coin were my least favourite shades to work with, which was a shame because grow old is probably one of my most loved.
But, depending on the brush you use or technique you might have better luck. Everyone is different.
The pigment on copper coin is there, but trying to make it pop on the eye was a little disappointing and i noted that it was an okay shade, not a shade i haven’t seen else where either.

Petrol and pine tree however are quite unique, i’ve seen many green shimmers but this one has a tiny reflect in it which i love, and its the perfect green. Some green shades ive used in the past with other palettes, end up looking dark and boring, almost brown at times and muddy if mixed with other colours.
The first eye look, i used Pine tree and i did have to wet my brush and pack it on.

Petrol though, is epic. It’s got this awesome shift, and i will WILL edit this post with a proper swatch so you can see the shift as the last picture of my finger, you can only just see it on Petrol.
Its perfect for the outer corner of the eye, and the shift in colour doesn’t make it hard to mix it with other colours as it kind of gives it this unusual touch. I will do an eye look with this shade again, but i don’t like to wear heavy or darkish make up too often because i almost feel OVER dressed?

For the green eye look the shades used are;
Transition: pug
Crease: mug cake and a tiny bit of rosewood
Lid: starting from the corner sparks fly then used pine tree.

Little bit of fairy lights towards the brow just to blend edges.


Overall thoughts

For the price point, and quality it’s actually really good and i prefer some of these shades over my JH palette. It’s CURRENTLY one of my favourite palettes to use, but not my all time favourite because some of the shades i won’t ever use like the red/orange warm tones. With the exception of the autumn look i did, as i will use those colours again.
If you have a palette full of browns and warm shades, i would say to actually buy it. The shimmer shades make it worth while as the brown shimmers and gold tone ones are really beautiful. Every shade has it’s use.
And if you are fan of Soph, you are supporting her and the brand.

I would like to of seen more pink tones, and could of maybe done without the two brown shades at the bottom. Even though one is more cool toned.


Rating 9/10 – It’s £10, it hasn’t broken my bank and i will use this palette over and over again.

Click here for Soph’s channel
Tam beauty 



I will continue to edit this post and update it with pictures and swatches, i will be doing my first Youtube video and this brand will be mostly talked about! So keep a look out.

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Crochet catch up and stuff

DSCN0407Image source: Mine lol


So, i was going to start this week off with another Make up Monday post, but then i got distracted by the fact that today, the 12th is my birthday and i am now 27. Which depressed me, plus i had shit to do okay?

God almighty, why is it when your doing blankets they take forever? Seriously, don’t feel like they are growing especially this one that i posted a picture of. The pattern i am following is here in case you are wondering. I’m pretty sure people interact with me on instagram and then i forget lol!
So, i think i mentioned i have two more mini unicorns to make which is for the two blankets order. Which all need to be done by the end of October, so pray for me guys because you know me and my mind gets distracted. I’ve had a new game for my birthday, and i’ve got shit loads of ideas in my head for writing AND makeup releases.

Already have two more orders to do right after these little buggers are done 😦 When will it end? One being a custom doll, and a bloody mermaid tail. YEP they are creeping back…. Also need to get in the festive mood, bah humbug. I found this awesome pattern for gonk’s and an add on pattern for outfits and because my stall in December is going to be at the fire station i am going to make some mini fire men.
Also need to make poppies, but don’t think i’ll have time. I might make a poppy wreath and do a little auction or something on Ebay so you guys and anyone else can get involved and get the money raised sent to the British legion.
My lead for my camera has arrived so i can link it up to my laptop and use it as a live view screen whilst filming, so tomorrow i am going to film my first beauty video and then go straight into filming a little crochet tutorial 😀
and because my Youtube channel is going to be Lifestyle, i need your help in what type of videos i could do other than crochet/craft and beauty. ????????????


I had this awesome story idea, and i am going to write it up over the weekend. I’ve stored it in my brain so i  hope its all in tact as i hateeeeeeeeeee jotting stuff down.
It might be longer than usual, but i am really kind of excited about this.

My mum bought me a new bullet journal and some water colour brush pens for my birthday. I am going to do a post about my gifts not because i want to brag but it will give me an excuse to post about this scarf i’ve kind of started for myself.. You see, swaying off track with my orders.
Oh yeah, bullet journal. So i aren’t going to use the new one until January, which means i can take the full on piss with the one i currently have. As it has LOTS of pages left and was thinking of carrying it over for next year, but i think i will crack on with it and i haven’t used it this month, i think i will start it this weekend for October. I have been using it more for lists and getting organised with stuff i have.

Example, i have over 700 DVDs, which isn’t alot i know but i want to write down every single one i have, and if i have collections that aren’t completed i need to note down what i need etc.

I did a point to this post, i’ve gotten lost. HELP HELP HELP!!! OH yeah i am writing another post for tomorrow as i am reviewing an eyeshadow palette.

Tomorrow, in the morning because i love the morning time in Autumn and winter, i am heading down the road to my park and take some pictures. Hopefully nobody will think i am a freak, pervert or will try and steal my camera.

Just looked at the picture above and I’ve already thought of another story, fml.

OKAY so i learned a fact today, Kim Kardashian is a Libran like me. I think i know why i kind of like her? But bitch my birthday is before yours ner ner ner ner. But then you have the one up because your are older and look younger than me. Now i am more depressed.
No seriously, today has been actually depressing for a birthday i got about 4 cards, a phone call from my dad who i’ve never had a relationship with and i had a good old cry earlier when i went to sit on the crapper.
27 and i feel like i’ve achieved nothing. Still in debt, no money, blah blah! I need to change things and i need to do the things i said i would do years ago.
-Write my novel.




Before we wrap this up, here is some things about my star sign. OH and i’ve been keeping an eye on the lunar calender is it? Ever since i took a picture of the moon and got really close, i got these feelings back from when i was a kid in science class. I’ve always loved the universe, and i think i am going to relive some of my old interests again. Go back to my roots and be happy with the things i used to love. We easily forget about stuff we were once passionate about or cared for because life gets in the way.
So being a science geek once again, and listening to Tupac everyday. I know what a mixture?

Ruling planet : Venus

Element : Air

Quality : Cardinal (= activity)

Symbol : The Scales

The Symbol denotes : Harmony, Justice and a Balanced Nature

Characteristics : Airy, Cardinal, Masculine, Positive, Humane

Noteworthy qualities : Thoughtful, unbiased, graceful, modest, adaptable, persuasive, affectionate, cheerful, sympathetic, generous, tactful, balanced.

Undesirable personality traits : Indecisive, extremist, reckless, hasty, susceptible, aloof, tend to get carried away by others’ opinions. You might also be interested to explore about Libra Moon Sign.

Birthstone : Diamond, White Sapphire and White Topaz (The gemstone is suggested considering Aries as the Ascendant/Lagna Sign. To know your Ascendant/Lagna Sign, click here.)

Birth Colours : All shades of pink, White,

Other lucky colours : Shades of Blue, Pale and Light Green

Lucky Numbers : 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60

Compatible Signs : Gemini, Aquarius

Lucky Day : Friday

Deepest need : Love, Romance, Social Harmony.

Quality most needed for balance : A Sense of Self, Self-Reliance, Independence

Detriment : Mars

Exaltation : Saturn

Fall : The Sun

Associated Flowers and Plants : Hydrangeas, Large Roses, Lilies, Violets, All Blue Flowers

Best Sign/s for marriage and/or partnerships : Aries

Anatomically Libra corresponds to : The lumber region in general and the kidneys in particular; loins, ovaries and the substance of the kidneys; lumber vertebrae, just below the ribs; lower back muscles at the top of the pelvic bone; arteries going to the kidney and lower back; veins coming from the kidneys and lower back.

To read more about my amazing starsign click here and don’t forget to check out yours! I love this shit, again going to enjoying things i used to.

So thanks for reading and if you made it this far, well i haven’t got a prize to give you but feel free to check out my instagram and other links and maybe i have some prizes… Yes that’s a ploy, again i have no prizes.


Serious question before i go. Does anyone know anything about guardian angels or experiences? It’s on behalf of my mum, i think she had an experience over a week ago and i’m just curious to learn more. 




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My top 5 beauty-ish items

Image result for beauty bag clipart
Image source: http://makeup.vidalondon.net/makeup-bag-clipart/


Well guess, testing the waters with a new blogging schedule i have going on. So each week i’ll have 3/4 different types posts AND YES i am going to stay consistent. Tomorrow i will properly set out my bullet journal and plan plan plan. I also though might be starting a new part time job, SO i won’t be saying what days i post.
As you can guess, one post will consist of beauty related – Doesn’t mean makeup! So anything from products we need for our body to a bit of lippy. Anything you want tips on or know about just ask, i know some stuff LOL.
Second type of post will be of course CROCHETING, how can i not show what i’ve made? Third post will be short stories, i enjoy them and i want to push out more. The Autumn and winter really inspires me so keep a look out. Now, fourth post might not always happen but i want to keep this category open to pretty much whatever i feel like talking about, i might even utilize book reviews & maybe if i have an fellow gamers do a gaming discussion? Shit, maybe then i should make that five posts. OH and i am aware i’ve slacked massively with book reviews.

Now that’s over PHEW,  so this post is basically dedicated to things/products i basically need in my life and why i’ve chose them. All pictures will be a direct link to where you can buy them, which will be a UK Store but these things i hope you can pretty much get anywhere!!!!

1. Pantyliners

Why do women find it embarrassing to talk about these things? What is wrong with buying Femfresh lady wash or panty liners. No i don’t have a yeast infection or a smelly you know.
This actually became an obsession of mine in highschool, when i first started my period, the whole after thing where you don’t get much if any at all coming out but you feel like you might kind of thing? Well being self conscious enough i lived in these, then as i got older they became a sort of thing i would used every now and again. I don’t get periods so i only wear these when i feel like i am going to be doing a lot of walking and moving about. Yep lets admit it, we sweat. All over! And if it’s not all the time, it happens sometimes. I like the feeling that i am not leaking into my pants. You get me? NO this is not disgusting this is real shit. Also, sometimes when i cough or laugh too hard i pee a bit so yeah these come in handy. Take them anywhere, they are small they fold. OH and if you don’t always use them, if you get the scented ones throw them in your drawer for a fresh scent.  #UsingPantylinersAsAirFreshner


2. Ponds face cream

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If you haven’t heard of Pond’s then ask your Grandma, this has been around for such a long time! And to this day people swear by it. They are right, not only is it affordable it’s kind of one of those creams you just pick up and use daily.
This hydro nourishing cream for day and night is something i use everyday! I have oily skin, but keeping my face hydrated and soft (especially after using so many products that helps with oily skin) it’s kind of a must have for me. I use this before my makeup primer as well, and i like to lay it on and let it soak in. Why? Even though my skin is oil and i get spots, my make up products tend to me matte. So matte/hydrating primer and matte foundation and even most of the time matte setting powder. My skin still needs to have oils and nourishment. AND YES AND if your into the cakey/full coverage look you kind of need extra moisture to stop creasing, cracking and drying.
This is not just for that, everyday and night i wash my face and pile this on. It feels so cooling, smells lovely and doesn’t harm my skin. and i am sensitive! Even when i’m breaking out, this doesn’t sting those spots.
They do lots lots more kinds of these creams, so whatever your after specifically somewhere at your local drugstore should sell them. This is probably my favourite beauty thing ever!

3. Garnier Mineral Invisible Deodorant 48Hr Roll-On

Garnier Mineral Invisible Deodorant 48Hr Roll-On 50Ml

This is one of those products where i probably would die if i didn’t have it. I used to use the spray deodorant and i couldn’t quite understand especially in my early twenties when my hormones and sweat was crazy, as to why i still did sweat a lot. Sometimes, thankfully whilst not out in public i would smell. I tried every god damn brand and i think i came close when i used Right Guard for women, but i after long hours of work in a warehouse sweating or clubbing i would be always spraying when i had the chance.
Then about two years ago, might even be three i switched it up to roll on. Fuck me, my life changed. Now i wasn’t and aren’t that sweaty,  i can’t remember the last time my sweat was down to my waist from just sitting in my room but i still sweat. I felt like even less sweat patches would appear after using roll on and i would get those little patches, which i am actually fine with i don’t care. I tried a lot of brands, i liked Sure for a while then Dove. I was always switching between the two and trying the different types but even though i felt happier with my under arm life style i saw the Garnier one on offer and thought oh yeah them, i’ll try it. Now the picture isn’t the on i use, i think i used one with a light green cap because i think it was for sensitive skin.
I love it, i literally love. The smell lasts, so when you do get a bit sweaty you smell of roses. No seriously, if your under arm smelt like shit, it wouldn’t no more.
Plus these are small, handy to throw in your bag and perfect for travelling with. I use it once daily, if i have been making myself sweat a lot like walking up the massive bank with a food shop i usually roll on some more but i think that’s out of pure habit.


4. Rimmel Clear Complexion Transparent powder

Image result for Rimmel Clear Complexion Transparent

What kind of list would it be if it didn’t have make up?? Okay, so firstly any powder i get i use translucent or a little peachy. I’ve been using Rimmel in general, mainly the setting/face powders since highschool.
They get it spot on every time! I also use the Rimmel insta fix powder, i tend to switch between this one that one and the stay matte. If my foundation is TOO light which sometimes is the case, i use the stay matte one in the shade just peachy or something like that to just warm my face up. I don’t want to warm up too much because i am really pale, and most of the time i use a wee bit of bronzer in the contour areas (not actually contouring) and some blush. BUT these are awesome, they really do keep your make up matte and nicely put for a good few hours. If needed you can just blot in your t-zone. The thing i love about Rimmel powders is they are old school but they will always remain a go to product for make up lovers. Even if you don’t wear much makeup just get a shade that matches you and lightly powder on to decrease oil and give your face a bit of colour. Perfect if your an on the go mum or someone that doesn’t always have time to do makeup. Most of the time i just can’t be arsed.
Now i don’t know about your drug stores, but i have to get two at a time when i buy these because the Rimmel stand is always a hot mess and the powders, especially the Insta fix. As always though, they don’t have many shades for anyone that’s a deeper tone, they tend to have more range for the lighter skin or slightly tanned but that’s only in some of my local stores so maybe across the pond or the world everyone of all types of skin has a good choice!


5. Garnier 2in1 Eye Make-up Remover

Image result for Garnier 2in1 Eye Make-up Remover

This is one of my favourite eye make up removers i have ever used! Even if you don’t have a lot on, this still is fucking awesome. So i tend to get rid of my eye make up first, now this does have oil in but its not too oily. In fact once I’ve  got rid of my eye make up, i rub the access in and it’s actually minimal. The picture you are looking at is quite true, the purple on top is where the oil sits so make sure you give it a good shake up before using. Get a cotton pod and squirt a bit on, if you use too much that’s fine. Get another cotton pad place it on top, press and some of the access will go onto the next pad. BOOM you have one for each eye, which yeah its hygienic. Don’t use the same pad for both eyes YUCK. Oh and don’t start rubbing your eye straight away, press onto your eyes or mascara and allow to melt, then gently rub. I say all this but i usually go to ham and rub hahahahahaha.
I can’t really say much more, it does what it says on the tin. Now, i have sensitive skin and eyes and have never had an issue with this product, but you might just want to double check if this one is right for you. The Garnier face and eye range have all different colours so maybe pink or green might be for you, i think the pink face stuff has rose water in though!
So yeah, an eye make up remover is kind of a deffo need as i just don’t like taking off my make up using the same thing etc and this formula, especially just slides the make up off. ALSO another great thing that is small and perfect to throw in your beauty bag or when you go off on your travels.

SO guys that’s it, i could talk all day about what i like and don’t like and i have a lot of favourite makeup products i could throw in for another post but also thinking about doing a video on that as well. I try and shop for things i can afford, i will never be the high end luxury girl because i will never have the money to spend it on that type of stuff. I’m always on the look out for decent drugstore products, because yeah it’s kind of hard to find that!
I’m open to doing reviews, so if you want me to try anything and give you my thoughts let me know. I think this is going to be pretty fun!


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Toot toot, just passing through!



Well, whilst i play catch up the next few days on blog post  i thought i would just say hi and give you an update on life, not that many of you read my shit. Let’s me honest here, our likes are sometimes just likes. Your lying to yourself if you some of yours likes and followers on here and social media are genuine, some are of course!!! Was that too harsh, i don’t care. Which goes onto me saying, i found something new i love about myself – It literally is that i have the ability to not care. Most of the time, my star sign is Libra so i have this balance shit i don’t know.


I’ve been gone for a bit, because i’ve been working on orders and life has been busy as fuck. I was ill for a bit, and if you follow my Instagram and read my stories i wasn’t able to work on orders for a while then my mum’s had some hospital shit to deal with THEN my boyfriends birthday has just passed. Not enough hours in the day right? Every time i got a moment to say right i will work on my orders, it was time for bath and bed. So i took some time to relax and i hit the gaming hard. I haven’t had time at all this week or over the weekend just to do much gaming if any at all, not by choice – Time really is nothing.



So i finished another order whilst things were busy and it was for a customer, she picked a pattern that’s been growing increasingly popular but she wanted it for a boy. The unicorn pattern was very girly and so i made the hair short but i had to be careful with how much detail and things as this was for an IVF baby, so i wanted to keep it simple and of course i used cotton. Which is literally my go to now for toys. If i posted about this i am sorry haha, the picture was already in my media i was like wtf did i already talk about my unicorn??
I am working on two other toys an elephant and a mini unicorn which i’ve made before for people because they seem to be the most popular! But i don’t want to give much away as the customer needs to see it first.


New ventures

Okay, i haven’t written much recently and i’ve neglected my bullet journal but anyone that really knows me, should know i love makeup. I mean i really do, i love beauty stuff and i love making myself look pretty and trying different eye looks. So i’ve sat on this idea for a long time now. I am going to start up a Youtube channel!
It’s going to be lifestyle, so i can get away with making all kinds of videos – Can you guess the main two subjects?? Crocheting and beauty!!! I’m shitting myself honestly, the internet is a vile place sometimes. I could do mini crochet tutorials, yarn reviews, makeup shit. I’m still going to blog on here, and show and tell my crochet makes or my adventures & my stories. I love talking and i think videos will be a great way to express myself AND I CAN FINALLY DO A VIDEO OF BULLET JOURNALS AND THE WHOLE T SHIRT YARN MAKING. I am forking out for a camera, i’ve found a reasonable one and buying a camera again has inspired me alot go out and take pictures like i used to do.

About 7 years ago, i started to self teach myself photography, i bought a DSLR and just went for it, times were hard and sadly i had to sell my camera but i really would love to get back into that hobby as this time of year is my favourite and i would to capture some woodland animals in my local parks etc.

So here is some of my BEGINNER photography i did a long time ago – So be prepared they aren’t that great lol! I tried my best with editing and i had no clue about photography i was just starting out with a book and my head. So i have picked out the ones i believe are the best.




So i hope you enjoyed those! I have taken a lot more and some of which i don’t think exist on my social media any more so here is to making new photos and new adventures in life. If it doesn’t work out on the Youtube at least i have my old hobby back. I aren’t doing the videos for money or whatever, just for fun. For my to connect with people who enjoy the things i do on a different platform.


So i hope you have a great week, i will be pottering about catching up. If you don’t have me on Instagram follow me by clicking here

CAN I JUST SAY i try my hardest to like your posts if your on here and my insta, so if you randomly get a million likes on your stuff one day its because i have a hard time finding people on my feed. I’ve set up alerts for some people so i don’t miss posts but sometimes thats annoying so i log out of it and then when i log back in i don’t get them. Plus my feed is riddled with 3 days before, so i am scrolling for ever to try and find recent posts fucking annoying.


bye, the end