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Crochet/Craft catch up & my first moon picture



Howdy people I’ve been reading some of your blogs and it’s nice to see everyone busy with projects. I’ve just finished my last teddy orders, now i am working on the two Blanket orders which need to be done by November BUT this person has also extended there order after seeing me make another mini unicorn and wants two of these as well LOL!
So, i’ve kept my order book closed until the 20th of October, which was something i was going to do so i can get some prep time in for Christmas, which is only fair right?

I also have another order which i have accepeted, but does ‘t need to be done until December but its the same as this mini unicorn but made bigger and personalised.


Horrible weekend.

So i was woken at 6:00AM Sunday by a lady with her two children outside our block screaming help help fire. Sadly, the three story block right next to mine was on fire. Her home set a light by the use of a storage heater, because she lived on the ground floor she managed to get out.
I saw the fire, and this horrible sight of seeing someone pulled out. A guy jumped out of his window and one had to be rescued from this ledge.
The family that i am guessing lived above the lady, has sadly passed away today and i feel completely helpless, her two children are still in hospital critical. I don’t believe in God but i do hope that the baby and kid survive.
I haven’t had much sleep, it’s been playing on my mind alot and i can’t get the images out of my head. I have to wake up and see it out of my window as it was in plain view. I wish i could of helped.

My heart also goes out to those all killed in Las Vegas, i have no words to as why someone would want to such a fucking thing.
This world is bloody horrible at the best of times with all sorts going on with Spain and these god damn storms just ruining peoples lives.

So lets just take a few moments to look at how lucky we were. We might not have much money, or not live in the best of homes. But we have a roof over our head, food to eat and fresh water to drink. And some of us are lucky to have friends and family around us as well. 
We are privileged in so many ways, and yet we do take things for granted whether you want to admit that or not.

Back to it

So apart from that, an i aren’t saying sorry for that sad moment. I’ve been a bit grumpy lately. Like i’ve felt extra stressed and cant figure out why – I have even acted shitty with my mum and i shouldn’t because she’s not very well and everytime i am nasty i want to cry because i really don’t mean it. I think its a build up of something idk.

But i have my camera now, just waiting on my back drop stand cause it took me a while to pick one and some lighting so i can film when its darker.
Can’t wait to make videos, it’s easier to explain LOL – I’ve also made a massive list of things to make in the up an coming weeks and what i want to crochet.

Its long………………………………………….Also buying these crochet magazines, anyone else find some of them shit? It’s a hit and miss most months and i end up getting pissed off i just wasted 6.99 on a magazine that has average crap in it. IDK I hate they are in plastic so you can’t even sneaky peak in them.

OH so, this is the picture i took with my camera of the moon 🙂 I still need some practise with the tripod etc but i kind of wanted to hurry as i felt like people in surrounding flats would see this person with her window open and a camera and assume i was a peeping  tom. It’s not bad, i wanted to get closer but it was a cloudy night so i am hoping the weekend will be better as i want to get in on some of those stars!



 Hannah @ quietwatercraft has been a doll and made me a custom birthday card for my mums birthday! I love it and she has such a cute eye for detail. We also noted that its such a small world, she used to live locally – how crazy is that?? So i check out her blog and her Etsy shop.



So that’s it i haven’t a lot to say as i am typing this, and scheduling it my hands are frozen as the window is open and i cba get up and close it.

I hope you are all well, and what have your crafty hands been upto????????????????????????

Here is a picture of my cat for comfort. I don’t know why hes cross eyed here???????????????



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Weekend diary – It’s okay that I don’t have kids.

I wasn’t really going to post again but things have been bothering me and as you can tell by the title its about motherhood – And a little bit more.

As the world grows, we grow. The population is expanding and I didn’t really notice this in highschool or even younger that the urge to have children either young or in general grows increasingly popular.
Now I’m not here to throw statistics because this post is coming from the heart, and hopefully anyone else that is kind of in this situation.

So firstly, I don’t dislike children, I don’t hate the idea of being a mother and I sure as shit don’t hate anyone that embarks on becoming parent. It’s really not about trashing parenting or kids – It’s the people aka parents or society’s treatment towards those who don’t have any at all.

What bought this on? Okay, I am 26 pushing 27 and every now and again I think about having a baby and how cute and awesome it would be to have a mini me. I get kind of sad that I aren’t already a mother because most if not all people that I know/friends are already parents or becoming. So when I see this, it upsets me even more – But that’s actually another reason which we will get at.
I then ask my boyfriend about the subject of kids and you know I think because he’s this typical guy its like ‘lets not talk about that’ or ‘don’t want kids’ I used to get upset with his reactions but then I actually realised I really aren’t ready to commit to having a baby. I am not in love fully with the idea of becoming a mum.
Because once that moment of sadness goes, I’m like kids what the fuck no.

Which is good right? I know that I am not ready, well I don’t think a parent really ever is but the mental idea of being a happy family is not my thing. In fact seeing the amount of people with children just lately is really annoying as hell… I mean come on, don’t you ever feel like people just NEED to plaster it ever about how awesome there child is, how big the baby’s first shit was or the constant updates of someone that is becoming a mother. The pregnancy process is the same right? I don’t need to see 100 females on my timeline complaining about the the same shit to do with being pregnant.
I literally had to stop following a youtuber/crocheter because her weekly vlogs or any kind of vlog/blog was constant pregnancy and I just don’t get excited for people who are pregnant..

Which is something else, I literally don’t care. Your pregnant yay, how am I meant to react? Okay babies are super cute and I love crocheting baby items because they are waaaaaay prettier than some of the stuff for us adults!
Like I’ve said, I don’t had kids!

Okay, so most of my friends or people I know have kids. It’s all super cute at first and I am genuinely happy for them because they are glowing, excited and shopping for adorable things but then it’s 4 hours later and I am bored. Once the baby is born its all cute and you weirdos want to sniff the baby, you want to support your friends and be for them as much as possible because you don’t need to have a child to understand how difficult it is raising a baby – AHEM like I’ve said I have one million friends who have kids and social media. Put the two together you never stop hearing about it.
Plus it’s kind of common sense, I can’t imagine the stress especially if your not getting much sleep – Enough of being sympathetic here.

What’s happening is that, even though my social life lacks. It really does, I don’t see friends or have friends to go out with drinking. It’s me, my boyfriend and my cat – The only friend I do see has a baby and I probably see this person once in a blue moon.
So when I say my social life sucks or I am alone I really am.

Right back on track  – So because I don’t have a kid, I don’t get invited out to parks or enjoy a day at the beach, In fact I’ve hardly seen any of the sunny weather the UK’s been getting because all of the people that are my friends go out with each other or with others because they have kids to have fucking play dates with.
This kills me… it really hurts.

I’m a human being, with needs and a heart. Me not having a child does not make me less worthy than someone who is a mother. Just because I don’t have a baby to talk about or have baby talk with also does not mean I am not interested. I also don’t understand the constant comparisons – Yes being a parent is tiring and you may of not had much time to your self but my life does not compare. Without a kid, I still have busy days and moments where I can’t even eat lunch.

It literally feels like I am pointless, I am not even the person that gets used as a last resort.

HEY WORLD! I don’t have kids and you know something, I don’t have that feeling yet to be a mother – I might not EVER have that constant yearning, I mean every now and again its nice to think about but these past months I’ve really learnt things about myself.
Who knows what my age will or if at all? My cat is enough for now and my god damn boyfriend and mother!

I or anyone without a child should not be branded or looked down at! We are people, we are still contributing to this world and as far as I am concerned I am making cute shit for babies – Even if it means using my cat as a model! WE are still worthy of your time, honestly I could really do with a social setting. I kind of hate that the real friends I’ve kind of made over the years are online, i’d love to do a meet up!

I love every single one of you that has  child, I have so much respect – Keep rocking it!

I love writing random posts like this but I would love to also to a weekly chit chat with me kind of thing so if you fancy joining in on a conversation with me on a post drop me a comment with a subject you’d like for me to talk about!
Literally, anything and ill have a moan or just a fun post – Okay I am ready to hit the sack read my book, which I cant wait to finish and I think i’ll have another review sooner than I thought!

Have an awesome weekend, and guess what?!?!?! I started to crochet today only a little bit because the weekends are now a kind of me thing and I always have shit to do like the pointless stuff, food shopping blah blah.

Please refrain from posting any hate comments or negativity. This is not a slanderous post and If you don’t like my ‘honest’ views just click off my shit.

P.S Am I sad that I bought a back pack for my two day trip next week LOL I can’t stop looking at it I want to pack it already haha – Also if you have a Primark store they do a waterproof mac that folds into a pocket for like £9.00 worth getting if its a  bit rainy or something light to wear if your out.  I need a new one because it’s green and I don’t like it anymore, plus because it’s from cheap ass Primark where slaves make the clothes the button on the pockets broke.

RIGHT – Going now bye.

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June wrap up & July goals




Firstly, DAMN. How quick are the months passing? I can’t believe we are in July and not even thinner than last year. FML.

Okay, so as part of my new Blog schedule which i have put into my bullet journal WHICH i have a scheduled post for UK time is around 8:00PM because i wanted to do this post today and i normally don’t post twice a day BUT July kind of started on a weekend and i’ve been making the weekends are ME time.


So July has been kind of hectic, i started off pretty smoothly with my projects. I started a shawl, a wave blanket a giraffe which are all kind of half done i just haven’t posted any more updates on them – Because orders for baby items have been making me crazy.
Whilst I am still adding changes to my website, I’ve been using my FB page more to use for custom orders. I know your thinking wtf is the point in having a website. WELL its my baby, it’s still growing and i had a brain fart to create a section of my store dedicated for babies and toddlers. So whilst juggling that and making items, well planning what to make seems to take over more than the actually making. I thought well, my FB page is my shop window and i can’t turn down a customer if i technically don’t have any of the baby items available online yet… right? SO i’ve been busting ass and as i write this i have a order that needs to go out today etc.

Anyways so here is literally June in a nutshell. I started a shit ton of projects at per and the ones that i kind of should of finished in June will be made priority for the first weeks of July, some of them i am actually going to save for December at the Christmas fayre. I made two more unicorns for someone!!! Started a bullet journal, played more games on the PS4, tried my hand at Calligraphy, NOT attempted to make t shirt yarn – I will, and a whole lot more!!! See some of the pictures below.


So what’s in store for July? Here are my goals

  • Stick to the blog schedule, i don’t think it matters if i stick the 3 times a week mark but it’s more about the content ideas i have i want to stick to.
  • Finish & Set up baby section on the website! I can’t wait for this as i think this will be such a huge hit .
  • Continue to eat healthily, last few days i let myself go but we all deserve treats.
  • Exercise, get my ass up and move!!! That includes going out for walks and getting some fresh air
  • Track your mood, this is part of the bullet journal but i want to track my book for depression purposes so i can see what and when i get low
  • Writing tracker, i set a goal to write 500 words a day. This excludes my personal journal and some blog posts. I want it to be strictly 500 words to do with writing stories. Now i can’t say it will be 7 days a week but i want to at least do this 4 times a week if i can’t stick to the 7.
  • Continue my calligraphy journey, once a week. Even if it’s just half an hour that allows me to sit and take a break to try something new. I really got pissed off with doing it but i am kind of excited to see where my progress takes me!
  • Read more, i have a reading tracker and part of my new blog ideas is that i want to read 5 books a month & at the end of the month i want to do a review on the books which ones i liked and didn’t etc. I think this will be fun, i might even started a monthly book club?
  • Stick to my crochet schedule. Ok so i am going to mention the word ‘depression’ again. Not to milk it at all but the reason why i have all these schedules and trackers in my bullet journal is to not only help me get more organised but to give me something to get out of bed and do even when i  feel like the world is about to eat me up! PLUS it’s hella fun 😀 😀
  • Read more blogs. I am going to set a side half an hour a day or when i’m just taking a break to catch up on blogs. I love a lot of blogs on here so i don’t want to miss anyone’s adventures.
  • Game more! Gaming is my escape i fucking live for it and something about the past 6 months or so i haven’t picked up the controller for gaming purposes. I spent the past two weekends playing games and it felt so good. Eyes hurt after but damn so worth it.
  • Go to the doctors, ok i have this weird rash i think it might be dry skin from like skin issues in the past i’ve been putting it off but i need to go.
  • Print more stickers and stuff for planner – This is purely for fun and therapeutic purposes.

Stop listing goals for the sake of it…..

That’s a shit load of goals BUT it’s all fun! They are all doable and none are impossible. It’s mainly to do stuff which can easily be carried over to August but i do have some that NEED to be done in July.
Like i need to be a little bit thinner this month to make up for the 4 years i’ve been meaning to diet.
That’s a wrap folks, check back later when my bullet journal video will be up on hurrrrrrrrrrrr I am kind of cringing at the sound of my voice. I live kind of up north but not northern I am in the middle so its a mixture of all the surrounding nasty ass accents and it created my nasty ass accent.


Peace out, happy July.


Sunday diary 

I’m just writing a diary post today as I feel the need to say some things that maybe my friends or boyfriend won’t get. Well my boyfriend might. 

So I love blogging and I’ve gotten the chance to really speak to new people and see what kind of world they live in and share the same crafts. It’s been a pretty awesome few months seeing as I started doing this in January. 

I also realise that we don’t really know each other and that in reality we would all like to best friends and create some real connections with people – because the Internet is that powerful right? 

I don’t really know what I expect from blogging and I think as I use social media more for my craft rather than casual you kind of see a lot of shade and bitchyness. 

Bloody hell who doesn’t have a moan or rant about something we see online and maybe someone online on this huge Web space has annoyef you. I throw my hands up and admit I’ve done it and still do. My boyfriend probably can’t keep up with the crap I chew his ear off about. 

It’s kind of how we evolve ourselves into modern times, because if it’s not people online or social media we would bitch and moan about folk at work or in public. (I hate people who walk slow in front of me or right up my arse) 

But when does it come to a point where you feel left out, targeted, like a vile popularity competition at school. I speak or see/meet people everyday, for my age I’d like to think I have some good life experiences and knowledge on how to hold my own even emotions. – I never seem to see the fake people, the ones that aren’t really pulling you up they are pretending and secretly plotting with others that you would fall back down. 

I took it upon myself to get more involved with social media and the more I used it the more It makes me sad. I have a gut feeling and I NEVER ignore my gut feelings that people don’t take me seriously that I’m just the centre of their witches coven. An easy target. Because let’s be honest here I am an easy target. I will always wear my heart on my sleeve no matter the shit I talk because I feel joy when I’m kind to others even if they don’t want it or Ill ever get it back in return. 

This is a huge promise to myself. Social media for me will be restricted. I will blog because it’s my new home and try to stay up to date with other blogs. I’ll instagram because I use it as my window for when I feel proud unlike some who just fucking show off but that’s for another day. I will always be a Facebook whore because the groups I am in are very welcoming. I find WordPress harder to feel welcomed, and that’s a Damn shame. 
To end this I need to say that I went on see wonder woman and it’s amazing. I’d pay to go see it again. So go see it!!! 

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Wednesday BLEUGH



My song trying to get through all the finishing touches, projects not done and my life.



Quick post, no wips today i’ve been out all day. I went to a local vigil this evening in respect for the events recently in Manchester.
I don’t really want to remind everyone on what happened that day as evil as it is i don’t think the sick bastards that did it deserve anymore time to be spoken about.

I will send out my deepest thoughts, prayers to all those that died and families that lost somebody that day.
A huge thanks and respect to the British emergency services, doctors, strangers and everyone that was around that day to help!


On a lighter note..

I am sitting here sweating my bag off because England decided to be warm on a what is such a stressful week.
I also have had some bad news but i won’t say too much as i don’t think it’s right to broadcast personal issues of others no matter how much of a gossip queen i am.

Something has been bugging me today. I have gone all day and convinced myself that it’s Thursday!? NO WONDER I’ve been a hot mess.. LOL.
Also had an invite code thing for an app/website for my neighbours and neighbourhood – I am now apart of some kind of mini group thing that’s private and all that shit. Had quite a gossip. Going to one of them watch meetings tomorrow which i thought was today????????????


In other news, i ate ice cream today. It’s time for me to actually crack on so i think i will work late tonight maybe til around 2:00am to get shit going.

Hope everyone has had a good day and whats everyone’s WIPS!?!?!

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Weekend wrap up – I have a mini office

Well hello my Sunday readers! Hope you all have had a fab weekend.

Since my moomin I’ve been so busy! My massive office desk came and i now have a mini office 😀 It’s in my bedroom but i automatically feels so much better. I still need to get a computer chair but I used some spare money up on the CE test kit which my friend is helping me with on Tuesday.

*Just a quick note to say that if you intend on making teddies and soft toys you need to CE test them before you can sell. This includes charity events, craft stalls etc even friends or family. You don’t want trading standards banging on your door. It’s not expensive to do it yourself and it cost me £25.00 for the paperwork, declaration and check list. You keep this yourself and preferably backed up on a hard drive incase you need to present these. Once i’ve done my test I will go more in depth etc and hopefully will give you some insight.
You only need to do it once per type of toy. So if you make 50 crochet teddies but it’s all using yarn and safety eyes you won’t need to test each one. Safety eyes will already be CE marked. *

My desk by the way has got a few more things on it now as i needed more trays and a few bits and it’s kind of become a place where i crochet so i have my current projects.

Friday at around 1:00am I think, (rach if your reading this, it’s about you LOL) I get a message from my friend who wants me to make her two Lalylala dolls. The picture she found was actually modded dolls but that’s the beauty of Lalylala. Once you’ve bought the base patterns you can do whatever. So i am in the process of making two that she requested. And by Tuesday once my CE test has been done they will be safe to sell. I am also pulling out my finger and going to make two more Lalylala’s – One being Bina the bear i started blogging about ages ago and the actual new pattern i am using. I will reveal these next week.

I have started to make more Hexagon’s today. It’s been a while and i bloody forgot how to do them! I kept making mistakes really was pissing me off!
I also have my diary written out tomorrow on what I should be crocheting and start to get business cards printed off and things prepared.

I’ve set a website launch date in mind but I am going to evaluate mid week and i plan on doing an online event 😀

My mum also showed people at work my moomin and now i have dozens of people wanting things, which is why I need business cards and plenty of crochet item so i can put them on my website – As a custom template but ill also have the made ones ready to sell


Saturday pissed me off. After i went yarn shopping with my mum I was waiting for my online food delivery and it came as the time i wanted. All my fresh produce was shit, it all goes out of date today. I wanted to cook a Sunday roast, but my bag of potatoes were brown and sprouting they looked horrible! Thankfully I’ve requested a refund on all of my fresh produce and now ill have to go out and get more food.

I literally spent £50.00 on one weeks shop – I don’t have nothing to show for it! Why is food so f*****g expensive.

Anyways, i made a Lasagne – I made my own ragu sauce and added my special ingredient. Which is a tad bit of paprika. It doesn’t make it spicy but adds this really nice taste.
I messed up the white sauce, i was feeling stressed HOT and still annoyed with my food shop. I may of not added enough flour or too much milk as it was so runny LOL
but it tasted nice as instead adding cheese into my lasagne i mixed in mature cheddar with the sauce.
It came out lovely i didn’t each much as i went past it and to be honest i was eating the mince out of the pan as it was simmering.


So right now I am on season two of Line of Duty! I can’t believe I’ve never watched this before. I literally watched Season 1 on Friday and finished last night – OBSESSED.

I got so many shows on my list :/

Anyways, I WILL catch up with people’s blog posts either later tonight when I’m chilled or tomorrow.
Hope everyone has had a great weekend 😀 😀


Weekend wrap up



Happy Sunday folks! It’s currently 17:51PM as i type this and I’ve literally only just started to function.
I have a rule that Sunday’s are super lazy days, sometimes I stick to that rule but sometimes I don’t as i tend to go to my mums but the past 3 or 4 days have tired me out!
Especially yesterday when I headed to Cheshire Oak’s with my friend for a bit of shopping!

I’ve never actually been before, It’s a real nice place and has all those designer shops and we spent more time window shopping than buying but they did have a few stores that were affordable! LIKE the Lindt chocolate shop lol!
We also went to the Yankee candle shop, I got a few candles one which reminds me so much of flowers in a field, more so what my nan and grandads garden smelt like when i was a kid! I couldn’t resist it.
My friend (Rach) Got a WHOLE lot of them wax melts, so I’m pretty sure they will last her a while lol!


I wore my new shoes that i briefly mentioned on another post and LOL they started to hurt by around half 4 and I was in need of some cheap pumps I could slip on, I ended up in the Nike store LOL! I got a pair of trainers for myself and some pump type things for my boyfriend as i kind of felt guilty if I didn’t buy him anything – Even though i did get a tray of donuts for us!

My friend got her beautiful daughter some new clothes, we went to GAP now I’ve never been to these shops before and I was like WOW red carpet outside. Went in store it was like a jumble sale – If you guys have a Primark store, yep it was like that.


We had a nice day, it was mega busy which pissed me off so you couldn’t really stroll super slow and enjoy everything. It was walk walk walk before someone kills you from behind. Also went to Spudulike for lunch where they do baked potatoes and it was sooo nice. We have one in our city centre but i never thought about going!
OH also went to the MKors store and FUCK i mean IF i had the money i would for sure buy a designer hand bag but a purse… I wouldn’t be able to justify the money spent on something that i just shove my coins and note in – BUT i rarely carry cash on me anyways. Though, it was a piss take. Even a small purse the ones that fit perfectly in your pocket or a clutch bag was like £85.00

It was kind of amazing to browse designer stores but i also felt a huge sadness because I will never be able to live that life of luxury, or even treat myself to one of those kind of things. We also drove past some pretty amazing homes which made us feel like shit ha! We kept saying one day when we win the lottery!

What surprised me was how many people shopped here! But I can’t knock fellow humans for being able to indulge, it just sucks sometimes!

Apart from having a fun shopping trip, I feel like I haven’t sat down. Friday I met up with a friend i worked with many many many years ago and we had coffee and just chilled out. Was nice but wasn’t enough time as she had to eventually pick her kid up from school.

I probably haven’t crocheted that much, and I don’t feel bad because I’ve enjoyed making the most of the sunny weather. I did want to go out today with my boyfriend but I am so tired so I’m thinking in the week!

I have also started to note down more store ideas for my online shop – I feel like with in the next week I am going to make this happen as now I am 100% sure on the look, feel, and what I want to sell and how.
With a limited amount of money I don’t feel negative that I can’t do this as people who are now very successful started out with nothing!


OH before I forget –

I posted this on Insta before i blogged it, I actually wanted it to be the other way round but I wasn’t planning on blogging until today as I’ve been busy and couldn’t wait to share!


A little about this yarn

scheepjes whirl is retailed at around £20.00
It weights 250 grams BUT it has 1000m of yarn. YES ONE THOUSAND – Obviously I had to really try and justify why i would pay this price for yarn but its beautiful. I can’t stop staring at it and really have no idea what I am going to do!? I was thinking Mandala?!?!?!

Now snufflebean yarn are selling this at a pre order price of £18.00 as i have her on FB – IT WILL GO BACK UP TO £20.00 – Just a thought as i actually got mine from Woolwarehouse which is the most amazing place EVER. I’ve been using this site since last year for most of my yarn and I cannot fault it enough! They have everything a crafter would need! Yarn, hooks, books, stitch markers, yarn winders.

I am all for supporting small businesses but Wool warehouse have had this yarn for a while now before it all of a sudden became popular because of the huge yarn cake craze and most of these independent stores are running a pre order thing and so you will have to wait a while for the actual yarn and they only get so many from the supplier so it’s first come first served etc – Where as I got my yarn in two days with WoolWarehouse that’s the only big difference.

BOTH stores ship internationally

Also Snufflebean stocks Cygnet yarns

Snufflebean’s store

Wool warehouse


ANYWAYS I am going now to browse Pinterest for Mandala ideas and I may crochet who knows – Farming Simulator is calling my name on PS4 as i saw a tractor yesterday with a seeder on the back and it looked just like the game! Then we drove past some cultivated fields which again reminded me of the game.


I will catch up with everyone’s blogs later as my phone is about to die and my laptop is as well lol! I suck at charging things.

Hope everyone has had a fab weekend, let me know what you’ve been upto, or made or ate i don’t care anything lol!


peace out


Inspiring Blog Awards



Gather around for the most prestigious award to date!

Just kidding, it’s not.

I’ve seen a few of these mini blog awards floating about, and even more so I’ve seen my own name! So I wanted to address it and make a post so i didn’t seem somewhat rude.

Firstly – The reason i started this blog is because i wanted to write more. Not only because my true passion is writing but because i took up a hobby that i never saw myself doing in a million years.
I’ve got the social media, Facebook groups with fellow crochet lovers and Instagram accounts and although they are nice to browse through i can’t help but see the clicks – The pictures because they are probably getting paid to do thing with someones brand of yarn. Unless you aren’t a popular crocheter with tons of followers and a successful blog or social media page, you won’t fall under the category of being tagged in something blah blah

My point being!

Since starting this blog, I’ve come across so many wonderful and talented people. Not only with the knack to create but also good hearted souls. I smile everyday when i read a post (Sometimes i suck and don’t comment but i do read!) because it still amazes me that on this planet so many people exist and share the same thing.

Secondly – You people have helped me so much these coming months with my depression and anxiety, i still get my bad days and if i am being honest today was one of them. But it gives me such a boost to see what the world is currently doing in more than 140 characters.
The fact that i get people reading my blog, and the fact that I’ve been nominated for these mini awards means an absolute lot to me.
It might sound a bit stupid that it has meaning but I’ve never won an award or achieved anything that i can say on my death bed ‘i did that bitches’ so thank you again for seeing something in me.

Anyways, fuck the sad stuff.

This award is for everyone

I didn’t want to sit here and make a long ass list of people who i  think should be nominated in return or because i like your blogs because quite frankly it’s kind of not something i do – It’s a little cheesy for me so i thought i would go 100 times more cheesier and dedicate this to every person that i follow and read daily.

Your all different, from writers to ramblers. You are all inspiring, it’s you guys that allow yourselves to be vulnerable with your art or writing by allowing the world to see it.
It’s you people that talk about the stigma’s of the world and let us in your darkest thoughts.

So thank you for reading, thank you for putting up with my potty mouth.


Good night world xoxoxo


Just something

She walked past the stranger his smile caught her soul,

For she was not seeking but wanting to find a home,

The love she wished for would never arrive,

And had to accept the one she had would never fly,

Her voice within was not loud enough,

But his smile that day let her be heard,


– Rebecca

Literally haven’t wrote a poem since i was about 14 and i don’t know – It makes sense to me.

Happy Sunday!



Weekly diary 7

All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost: The old that is strong does not whither, deep roots are not reached by the frost. From the ashes a fire shall be woken, A light from the shadows shall spring, renewed shall be blade that was broken, The crownless again shall be kind. – J.R.R Tolkien, The Lord of The Rings.


(I would like to say sorry for any spelling mistakes blah blah – Its been a long day and i am super tired!)

Well, its that rambling time again and I’ve been so busy today as i started training for my new job and again tomorrow except it will be a longer day!
I kind of felt okay and i think i will do just fine at this place – I have it in my mind that i will keep my head down and work.

As i write this i am so tired but i kind of needed to blog. This past week on WP has been amazing! I’ve seen so many positive posts and beautiful creations, who would of thought this world was full of so much talent eh?

Wrestling was on Sunday but we didn’t watch it til Monday – One being its not the best of pay per views and if anyone follows the WWE, they have a brand split now so this pay per view was for the roster on Raw & i don’t think they are as strong as Smackdown. Also, i wanted to watch more films with my boyfriend! We don’t seem to do that very often anymore as i am always crocheting or staring at my phone for hours at patterns and he usually entertains  himself with the Xbox or his weird Anime tv shows – Which i can tolerate but the two he’s been watching recently i can’t get into. So every night, actually it’s been since Friday we have been watching movies and guess what…. PREPARE FOR THIS! He looked at me Sunday and was like, shall we watch Twilight? LOL I’m like did you just suggest Twilight? Like, what? I am laughing and of course i agreed. I actually kind of like the films but at the same time i don’t but because i hadn’t seen them for years (had to get them out of the hundreds of boxes of dvd’s i have yet to sort out.) But oh well he was only thinking that we would watch that one…. NOPE does he no know me? I have an issue with films and if they are a trilogy etc. The film might suck ass but i have to buy EVERYONE to complete the set as it bugs me knowing i don’t have them all. I think that’s a tad OCD, and if we watch one, i have to continue watching! So we have watched 4 so far, and i will say  i am also a hoarder and have so many films. Like i have never seen The Curious Case of Benjamin Button but i bought that SO many years ago because it was on offer.



Oh by the way, The Lord Of The Rings picture and quotes – Well it’s my favourite thing. Yes it beats yarn and cats and crochet. I can’t explain how much i love LOTR, it’s beautiful. The books, the quotes and the films. I have been a fan for a long time and always will be. When i think of LOTR, i smile. It’s my little bit of joy.

OH OH OH…If you have Netflix, knowing me i may of mentioned this i don’t know who cares. A programme called lock up, its just about people in prison. It’s real and everything, i am addicted. Its American and what amazes me is the harshness of jail sentences – Which is a good thing! I guess actually i saw a few that just did some drug trafficking and got like ALOT of time, but the serious stuff. I actually applaud America for that! We should take notes. What i was trying to get though was the death penalty, some guy got the death penalty. I think he was in a gang, drugs, murder etc but he managed to get himself off deathrow and now serves a sentence. So is the death penalty not something that sticks? Anyways please watch, i love real stuff ha it amazes me! I sit back and wonder what the people are doing right now who got out or the staff.

What else?

A friend of mine has asked me to do a baby blanket for her brother and his wifes baby shower in April. She wants the soft chunky yarn so i have decided to use Bernat baby. I was going to go with James C Brett Flutterby as i used white for her daughter as i made a comforter (I am actually having that back as i have said will extend and make it bigger for her now as she is growing!) But when i looked at how much i would need for James C around 600g i thought i would go with Bernat and i think two balls of the 300g will make a 30×34 blanket.

I was also going to Spring clean, i think i did one room and was like ew i don’t have the mind for this. I need plenty of black bags! Its awkward as i live on the 3rd floor and we have a trash schute and can only put so much down it. – Like i don’t think an exercise bike would fit. The large trash bin things are all the way out back of the flats and i really can’t be bothered! So i think i will do it, but because of the trip i need to make to dump stuff it will have to be one room a day or every few days. As i mentioned previously i plan on moving so i do need to do this. I’m just so lazy, i used to be a cleaner and i loved my job. I took pride in cleaning offices and all sorts but when it comes to my own home i can’t do it. My mother seems to think its because i hate where i am living, which i do. I haven’t decorated for two years it’s all plain cream through out and brown carpets. I had plans to make this my real home but things changed and problems arose and i literally don’t see the point in making this place look nice – You cant expect to sprinkle shit with glitter and make it sparkle in the sun. So, once i have a nice home i will feel more happier and look after it. This makes me sound lazy! I do clean of course, i just hate doing it.

Literally my face when i know i have to clean, wash and iron.

Right well, i mean this post has been so pointless. I think I’ve gone past caring if any one reads these diary ones. I just like to talk LOL i am so poor right now so i can’t even give you some exciting adventures but its Spring and i wouldn’t mind heading into a place called Stone which is an hour away on the bus or Trentham which is also about 30 minutes away as they are really nice and quiet places to just walk and i’d love to spend the day with my mum and boyriend. Trentham gardens is what it’s known for and they have a monkey forest! I went many years ago when it first opened and its a trail, the monkeys have complete freedom and walk right up and around you which i think is amazing.

23:28PM – I need to quit rambling and get myself to sleep! 7:00am to get up. I need to wash my hair get ready and head to training for half 9. I know i can do it… Cue the Gollum face.

I hope everyone has had a great Tuesday! I feel bad that i haven’t spent much time on WP reading people’s posts but i will be catching up with most tomorrow evening.


Adios my fellow ramblers – Stay safe! 🙂 xoxox